A-Z Bookish survey

Hi readers! Hope all of you are well! Yesterday I did a live feed via my Instagram. It was the A-Z bookish survey that I saw @haileyinbookland do on her youtube channel, so naturally I had to do my own. I wanted to share it typed up for all of you as well as I am missing blogging so much and looking for new content daily. So lets get into it

~How this works. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds with a question. Some will contain pictures and some will not. I would love to read more of these or answer any questions so please comment or by all means do your own!

A: Authors you read the most from? For me that is Cat Winters, J.K Rowling, Lemony Snicket, Cassandra Clare, Roald Dahl and the list literally keeps going…

B: Best sequel ever!harry-potter-seriesObviously I had to go with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets plus all the other amazing books in the series!

C: Current Read:


Right now I am reading Blackest Nights by Geoff Johns. This was recommended to me by my best buddy Ray. He is a super hero junkie and that was one thing that we really bonded over and the other day I was mentioning I wanted to read more graphic novels and he suggested this. I am about 40 pages in and it is so amazing!

D: Drink of choice while reading? For me that’s coffee. That’s my drink of choice for anything that I am doing! It can hot, iced, blended, I don’t care.

E: e-reader or physical book: For me I love a physical book. Its a sensory thing for me. I love the feel of a book in my hands, I love the way they smell I love the sound of the pages turning. However… I love my kindle and I just ordered a new one with more space so that in itself is amazing!!

F: Fictional character I would have dated in high school?

SimonSIMON LEWIS!!! I love him so much!! I don’t know what it is, but he literally is perfect!

G: Glad you gave this book a chance!

imagesFQRSJFV3I was not interested in this series at all, but a lady that I used to work with convinced me to try it and oh my gosh, what a great read this was. I loved all aspects of this book. I found it so refreshing of a story, and something so different!

H:Hidden Book Gem:

ClearingI chose a different book for my live feed because I no longer have a copy of this but this book was so amazing. It is a love story that travels through time. Its so gorgeous and so hearbreaking and such a fast great read.

I: Important moment in your reading life? For me that was when I became a reader. I always watched my mama and nana read and I wanted to be able to just sit and read and book like them. It took me until I was 14 to find my love for reading but once I did it was hooked!

J: Just Finished.. This is a bittersweet topic. So… I just finished Caraval by Stephanie Garber and I was so disappointed with it. I gave it two stars out of 5… if you want to read my review check out my book blog http://www.elsewherebookreviews.blogspot.com

K: Kind of book you wont read: Sci Fi and Thriller.

L: Longest book read:

HP5.pngAt a whopping 766 pages!!

M: Major book hangover: ifhehadbeenwithme_120717This frickin book! It was suggested to me by my best friend, Sharon and I had no idea how amazing it was and how exhausted I would be upon finishing. It was so good and so sad!

N: Number of book cases. I have 1 full size shelf, and 2 smaller shelves.

O: One book you read multiple times.Harry_Potter_and_the_Prisoner_of_Azkaban_(US_cover)I have read this book probably a dozen times and my poor copy is so tattered and the spine is so broken 😦 But this is a book that every time I read it I find more and more I love about it.

P:Preferred place to read? For me that is my bed. I am such a busy person and so I literally have to pencil in time to read and it usually ends up being at bedtime, when I have the puppy asleep and a few quiet moments for myself.

Q: Quote that inspires you. I am a quotation queen and there are so many that I love but right now I am hooked on this … It’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate~ Hannah Horvath. This is quote I heard from the show Girls, and I am one who always feels like I have to please everyone and say yes just to keep everyone smiling but when I heard this I was like hell yes!

R: Reading Regret: My biggest regret is that I didn’t enjoy reading sooner. I feel like I lost so many years of reading because I hated it so much.

S: Series you started and need to finish: What series haven’t I started and need to finish?…

T: Three favorite books:

U: Unapologetic fangirl:


I love supernatural! My sister Jamie has been a die hard fan since day one and I thought it was actually pretty lame for a long time. One summer when I was housesitting I had finished all of my shows on Netflix and this was one that I hadn’t really tried and after the pilot I text Jamie and was like “oh my gosh how did I not like this show.”

V:Very excited for this release!


This is coming out the day before my wedding anniversary and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

W: Worst bookish habit. I am notorious for not giving a book long enough to get good. If I am not hooked within at least the first 5 chapters then I will put it away and I wont try again.

X: x marks the spot, pick the 27th book on your shelf

BS.pngLucky number 27!

Y: Your latest Purchase: I don’t have a picture of what I currently bought but I got the Illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland with the drawings done by Camille Rose Garcia 🙂

Z: and Z I don’t like the theme of the question so that wraps this survey up!

I hope all of you enjoyed this and check back for more book tag fun!