The You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

Hi friends! Yesterday my bestie Sharon hosted this tag on her Instagram and said I should do it. Now since I would rather write than talk I figured I would do a post on it! So lets get started!

  1. You only have one more spot on your spelling bee team, who would you pick to complete your team?

    Choices: Caspian- The Hollow or September –The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making. I would choose Miss September because she is a crafty skilled girl who outsmarted a Marques. I love Caspian but I need to go with smart and not sweet to win this spelling bee!!

  2. Both Characters want to kill you, which one would you kill first so that you have a better chance of surviving?

    Choices: Ryle- It Ends with Us or Hagrid- The Harry Potter Series. This was so easy. I would off Ryle. He is a jerk and I know Hagrid would never be that mean!!!

  3. You’re on the bachelorette and you’re down to these two characters, which one are you going to give your rose too?

    Choices: Hermione-The Harry Potter Series or Alice- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland… Well, since they are both girls if I had to give one away I think I would chose Alice. She is such a badass, travelling down the rabbit hole, dealing with the Red Queen and still manages to make it home to tell the tale!

  4. You have been chose for the Hunger Games, who would most likely volunteer in your place?

    Choices: Ridge- Maybe Someday or Caspian- The Hollow. I am beyond excited for this!!! Both boys are very sweet but I have to say that I believe Caspian would be the first one to volunteer ❤

  5. You’re stranded on an island, which character would you sacrifice to engage in cannibalism?

    Choices: Tyson- The Percy Jackson Series or Lupin- The Harry Potter Series. I hate this question because I love both character. If I’m being honest I would get rid of Lupin, I have such a soft spot for Tyson. He reminds me so much of my little brother, Dylan (minus the cyclopes thing).

  6. You’re the next DC/Marvel superhero (with your own TV show) who is your sidekick?

    Choices: Harry Potter- The Harry Potter Series or September- The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making. I am a DC girl 100 percent and have been since I was a little one!!! If I had to choose, again I choose my girl September!

  7. You’re the manager of an Avocado Admiring company, who would you fire for lack of communication skills?

    Choices: Matilda- Matilda or James- James and the Giant Peach. Ok first of all what even is this company right?! Ha! I love it! If I had to choose who to get rid of it would be Matilda. I love James so much that I could never get rid of him!

  8. You have just finished a book in which your favorite character dies, which character is most likely to comfort you?

    Choices: Simon Lewis The Mortal Instruments or Draco Malfoy The Harry Potter Series. That is easy! SIMON!!!!!

  9. Ugh, its high school. Who would most likely be part of the popular clique?

    Choices: Elijah- How to Hang a Witch or Mad Eye Moody-The Harry Potter Series. This is a tough one because both characters are somewhat outcasts but I guess Elijah.

  10. The Day has arrived, you’re finally a year older! Who would have the nerve to forget your birthday?

    Choices: The Mad Hatter- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Draco Malfoy-The Harry Potter Series. I think Hatter would because he’s… Mad!!!

  11. You’ve just found an upcoming booktube star. Who would it most likely be?

    Choices: Professor McGonagall-The Harry Potter Series or Atticus Finch-To Kill a Mockingbird. Both characters are so bright and eloquent but if I had to choose one I would like to watch it would be Atticus.

  12. Sleepover Time! Unfortunately you can only invite one person, who do you invite?

    Choices: Cadeon- Dark Desires After Dusk or Holly-Dark Desires After Dusk. OMG!!!!! Cadeon hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bam! you’re pregnant. Who’s the father?

    Choices: Matilda- Matilda or Percy-The Percy Jackson series. Since Percy is the only guy, obviously I choose him (and I love him!!)

  14. You’ve just written a super important text. Who would see it but not respond?

    Choices: Carrow- Demon from the Dark or Tyson-The Percy Jackson Series. Probably Carrow, while I love and adore her she would be the first one to not respond!

  15. You just woke up and its time for breakfast. Your mom has been replaced by who?

    Choices: Jeb- The Splintered Series or Hermione- The Harry Potter Series. I don’t know that I would want an artist or a witch to replace my mamas cooking but Jeb I guess..


Well that wraps up this tag! If you have anymore you want me to do send me a comment!


A-Z Bookish survey

Hi readers! Hope all of you are well! Yesterday I did a live feed via my Instagram. It was the A-Z bookish survey that I saw @haileyinbookland do on her youtube channel, so naturally I had to do my own. I wanted to share it typed up for all of you as well as I am missing blogging so much and looking for new content daily. So lets get into it

~How this works. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds with a question. Some will contain pictures and some will not. I would love to read more of these or answer any questions so please comment or by all means do your own!

A: Authors you read the most from? For me that is Cat Winters, J.K Rowling, Lemony Snicket, Cassandra Clare, Roald Dahl and the list literally keeps going…

B: Best sequel ever!harry-potter-seriesObviously I had to go with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets plus all the other amazing books in the series!

C: Current Read:


Right now I am reading Blackest Nights by Geoff Johns. This was recommended to me by my best buddy Ray. He is a super hero junkie and that was one thing that we really bonded over and the other day I was mentioning I wanted to read more graphic novels and he suggested this. I am about 40 pages in and it is so amazing!

D: Drink of choice while reading? For me that’s coffee. That’s my drink of choice for anything that I am doing! It can hot, iced, blended, I don’t care.

E: e-reader or physical book: For me I love a physical book. Its a sensory thing for me. I love the feel of a book in my hands, I love the way they smell I love the sound of the pages turning. However… I love my kindle and I just ordered a new one with more space so that in itself is amazing!!

F: Fictional character I would have dated in high school?

SimonSIMON LEWIS!!! I love him so much!! I don’t know what it is, but he literally is perfect!

G: Glad you gave this book a chance!

imagesFQRSJFV3I was not interested in this series at all, but a lady that I used to work with convinced me to try it and oh my gosh, what a great read this was. I loved all aspects of this book. I found it so refreshing of a story, and something so different!

H:Hidden Book Gem:

ClearingI chose a different book for my live feed because I no longer have a copy of this but this book was so amazing. It is a love story that travels through time. Its so gorgeous and so hearbreaking and such a fast great read.

I: Important moment in your reading life? For me that was when I became a reader. I always watched my mama and nana read and I wanted to be able to just sit and read and book like them. It took me until I was 14 to find my love for reading but once I did it was hooked!

J: Just Finished.. This is a bittersweet topic. So… I just finished Caraval by Stephanie Garber and I was so disappointed with it. I gave it two stars out of 5… if you want to read my review check out my book blog

K: Kind of book you wont read: Sci Fi and Thriller.

L: Longest book read:

HP5.pngAt a whopping 766 pages!!

M: Major book hangover: ifhehadbeenwithme_120717This frickin book! It was suggested to me by my best friend, Sharon and I had no idea how amazing it was and how exhausted I would be upon finishing. It was so good and so sad!

N: Number of book cases. I have 1 full size shelf, and 2 smaller shelves.

O: One book you read multiple times.Harry_Potter_and_the_Prisoner_of_Azkaban_(US_cover)I have read this book probably a dozen times and my poor copy is so tattered and the spine is so broken 😦 But this is a book that every time I read it I find more and more I love about it.

P:Preferred place to read? For me that is my bed. I am such a busy person and so I literally have to pencil in time to read and it usually ends up being at bedtime, when I have the puppy asleep and a few quiet moments for myself.

Q: Quote that inspires you. I am a quotation queen and there are so many that I love but right now I am hooked on this … It’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate~ Hannah Horvath. This is quote I heard from the show Girls, and I am one who always feels like I have to please everyone and say yes just to keep everyone smiling but when I heard this I was like hell yes!

R: Reading Regret: My biggest regret is that I didn’t enjoy reading sooner. I feel like I lost so many years of reading because I hated it so much.

S: Series you started and need to finish: What series haven’t I started and need to finish?…

T: Three favorite books:

U: Unapologetic fangirl:


I love supernatural! My sister Jamie has been a die hard fan since day one and I thought it was actually pretty lame for a long time. One summer when I was housesitting I had finished all of my shows on Netflix and this was one that I hadn’t really tried and after the pilot I text Jamie and was like “oh my gosh how did I not like this show.”

V:Very excited for this release!


This is coming out the day before my wedding anniversary and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

W: Worst bookish habit. I am notorious for not giving a book long enough to get good. If I am not hooked within at least the first 5 chapters then I will put it away and I wont try again.

X: x marks the spot, pick the 27th book on your shelf

BS.pngLucky number 27!

Y: Your latest Purchase: I don’t have a picture of what I currently bought but I got the Illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland with the drawings done by Camille Rose Garcia 🙂

Z: and Z I don’t like the theme of the question so that wraps this survey up!

I hope all of you enjoyed this and check back for more book tag fun!

200 questions challenge Day 1

If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with your extra time?


This is a quick snapshot from my Instagram. Its titled “Just a girl and her books”



This is an easy question! I would read. I feel like throughout my day I don’t get enough time to sit with my book and just read. Between taking care of my boys (Kyle and Kevin the bulldog) school, keeping up on housework and laundry, and many other various things by the time I have time to read I am dozing off in bed. I love to read so much and it breaks my heart that finding time is so hard. However I joined this awesome book club Buxom Book Beauties and we read 2 books per month. I am reading one of the 2 and this month it is…

Caraval.pngI am on chapter 3 as of right now and I am unsure of how I feel about it, but having a specific amount of time to read a book really gets me pumped so I am looking forward to this book!


See all of you tomorrow for day 2

Little Things I want to do

Hi everyone! I was really inspired to write tonight. I have a friend, who I used to work with, who just started her own blog and I am loving it! Reading the two posts she has really got me excited. With the upcoming election I felt like I wanted to take this time to write about some things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year that are in no way heavy or overly emotional. So here is my next 365 goal sheet!

  1. Keep working on this blog! I have loved sharing my life, my loves and bearing my soul to all of you. I am working on ideas for more content and I am hoping to do some Vlogs as well!!!
  2. Read, Read, Read. My goal for 2016 was to read AT LEAST 50 books and I have only read 17, I think! My problem being that I have been keeping my home, chores and my business ahead of me time. So next year I want to read at least 25 books and here are some of the titles I am stoked to start!

I have read the first book Dark Lover in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward. Recommended to me by a gorgeous woman who I have never met in person. Miss Meg you inspire me to read daily!  I am on book 13 of The Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole and if you follow my co-book blog with my  best friend Ashley, you saw my whole post about this series! I am currently reading book 2 The Darkest Kiss in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter and it is knocking book 1 out of the park!!! There are many more books I have and need to read but it seems like around this time of year I get super inspired to pull out my supernatural smut collections!

3.Build and sell more on my Etsy! I recently started my own Etsy shop and I am LOVING getting back into my craft. I showcased the shop on a previous post but I will share some of my work as of late 🙂

4. Finish my AA degree. I have 2 maybe 3 more classes to take and Oh.My.Gosh I am ready to wrap up! I have been in school forever working to get my AA degree and I still have a lot of school left for the Masters degree I want. I have been thinking about a program to take to at least give me something to fall back on. I am thinking about a certification in Interior Decorating. I love decorating. I have a great eye for color and I love making peoples vision take shape. Also its a quick program and would be something I could have on the back burner (unless my Etsy takes off, then I will focus on that )

Well I think that is enough for now. I will be posting more and more the remainder of the year! See you soon

The Jane Austen Book Club

Hi everyone. Its a Lazy sunday and I am watching one of my all time favorite movies. Its about 5 women in the Sacramento area who are all on different paths but all in need of something similar.

Jocelyn dealing with grief

Prudie dealing with a younger man and her distant husband

Bernadette a free loving hippie in need some girl power

Sylvia, a woman dealing with her failed marriage

Allegra, the youngest of the group and somehow one of the wisest. Helping her mother deal with her separation.

These five warriors decide to re-read the novels of Jane Austen. Each book somehow relating to the change in their lives ultimately helping them come to terms and begin to grow.

This is an amazing movie and I am looking to get my hands on the book. I personally tend not to like movies and books with so much “girl power” however… In the case of this movie I would not have it any other way. What I love so much is these women take books that they are already familiar with and read them again for discussion. I find book clubs so profound, when done right. Its amazing to have a group of people come together to read something that may or may not be new material and discussing how it makes them feel. What they loved, what they hated. In my opinion, a book club for a woman is the best way to have some camaraderie with someone of the same sex.

It has always been a dream of mine to head a book club. I have “half-assed” tried to get a book club together but its hard to get all of the schedules down for meetings, and hosting the meetings (especially when I live nowhere near anybody)…  I hope to one day have the ultimate book club. I crave that intellectual conversation that comes with reading a book. I want the arguments, and the head nods. I want all of it.

I am in a book club online with a bunch of people and we read books by indie authors. I love this club. What I want most in the world is to have my own and choose books that make you think, make you laugh, make you love to hate a character. I want that camaraderie.

New years resolution maybe…???


The Importance of a library

The Importance of a Library

   Hey Readers, I wanted to write about a topic that many believe is going to change due to technology.
Libraries are changing daily. They are trying new approaches to get people excited to read. That may be a reading program that targets a specific age group or some kind of contest or even just some basic rearranging. Libraries are literally the only thing left that are somewhat free. I say somewhat because you have to pay late fee’s and or replacement library cards ect.. However, I have been told that by choosing to major in Library and Information Science, that I will not find a job because they are dying off. I beg to differ! The importance of a library is to provide information, knowledge and entertainment to the masses for little to no money. It is used to engage children to read and provide education as well as the responsibility of handling and borrowing materials. They provide computers and internet use to those who do not have access otherwise. They bring joy and entertainment to those of us that enjoy a good book. Yes, technology is advancing daily if not hourly and that is why we need to make ourselves go into our local libraries. All it takes is some attention to them to get people in the doors. Go and check out a few books and talk about about it with your friends and family. It is because of the “instant gratification” that technology provides that is making our libraries lose their spark and ultimately lose money and jobs. I have applied many times to libraries and they simply are not hiring. That may be because they are at capacity but also because in the last year I have seen the population that used to go to the library dwindle down. This is a travesty to those of us who visit regularly.
   I wholeheartedly believe that if we just take that extra time and drive over to our local branches that we will see an incline in programs provided by staff, new books and more visually appealing displays. So I ask you to please, instead of buying a book and or downloading it online. Check out you local library. Not only will you save money but you are saving your library as well.

These Images were provided by Pinterest and as you can see these are well taken care of Libraries. They have visually appealing display’s and a new and exciting layout, It is because of the hard work of the staff as well as their passion for what they do. These pictures can be replicated just by going in and giving back to your community.
It is important that the children of the future are able to have this resource. I cannot tell you how many papers I have written or projects I have done that were successful because I used my local library as my biggest resource. Our children need to be able to use this when its necessary but also be able to use it for themselves.
For me, the library is a sanctuary!! I walk in and it is sensory overload and I love it! I love the smell of the old books but I also love to get lost looking through shelf after shelf. I love when I walk out with a stack of books in my hand. It is truly my special place. We need to make sure that it stays around for another millennia!
I urge all of you reading this to go an visit, I bet you wont leave without something and if possible donate! If you have books you read and want to clear space, give them to your library! I recently saw book bag for sale in mine and I spent $15 dollars on it. It was the best money spent at that! I felt wonderful for purchasing it because I was giving back to a resource that constantly provides for me.
I hope that in reading this you all are inspired to get in the car and visit a branch. Just enjoy it because we don’t want ever want to lose them.

*This is my own writing and I simply copy and pasted via my other blog*

Reading Recommendations

Hey Readers, I just posted this via Instagram and my co-blog but I am going on a booish date this weekend. My husband told me last night that its a date weekend and since we only have a 2 day weekend rather than our usual 4 we are not traveling home. I am in need of some book recommendations. I do not like Dystopian or Sci Fi or Classics. I will read romance, fantasy, horror, contemporary etc. Please comment some amazing reads!

Book club

Hey everyone. It’s a HOT day here in my little town and I’m sitting drinking my coffee and savoring the quiet time I have because my husband only has 2 more graveyard shifts and he will now be working some amazing new hours for the remainder of the summer!!!!!

As I sit here and look through my kindle to see what books can be erased from my library I am filled with an empty feeling of how much I have wanted to start a book club and have had no success. I only know a few people who like to read like I do but between the 4 of us the tastes in books vary greatly. So what’s a girl to do right…? Maybe I should be in my own group and make up a generic list of questions for each book and post them… have any of you hosted a book club? Were you successful?

I love the idea of a book club. Bringing together old friends or new people to read something that could be either life changing or a waste of time sounds so enticing to me. The idea first started with Oprah. My mama always read the books that Oprah’s book club recommended. I know I am not Oprah but how amazing to have an influence like that.

What do you do if you choose a book and nobody likes it? How would you start this up? With how successful all of you have made me on this blog I want to thank you and know your thoughts on this question I’ve been pondering!

Please comment your thoughts 🙂

What gets me stoked to read!!

Hey Friends! I did a post like this via my co-book blog and I thought I would share all of it with you. First off I will share with you what I am reading at this time.


If you were following the post I did yesterday about Kresley Cole then you will know that this is where I am at in the series. I wont go into how I started reading these because I posted about it yesterday. I will tell you that Kresley Cole is a genius! I have enjoyed all of these books but 1! As far as the characters in this book… I tend to fall in love with the men of The Lore and envy the Women however I am not in love with Lothaire. I do however think he is brilliant!

I could go on and on about this series, so I am stopping myself there. What I really want to talk to you about is what gets me pumped to sit in my living room, while my husband sleeps before work, and just be still with a book.

First of all these get me stoked!…


I think all bookworms will look for a reason to read until we feel better. When I was going through a rough patch a few years back, I literally only read because it was peaceful. It was a time when I could forget about the Job I hated and the stresses of life.


The Struggle is real for this one! I literally feel this way with 90% of the books I read. That picture is so cute maybe she will be my next bookish tattoo!!?!?!? (I already have 3!!!)


When I was little and my mama would talk about books, I never understood what she meant until I was much older. I used to think “how can a book feel like a friend?” Now I completely understand because there are some books that you become so connected with,whether it be because of the plot, the characters or because it’s by your favorite author, you become friends and when that final page is in front of you and you’re excited because you finished, and you close the book you get a lonely feeling that one of your best friends is gone… at least a lot of people do.


Isn’t this the truth. I love it when I am sitting with my coffee and my book in the quiet hours of the morning and I can focus on the story. I am literally feeling giddy right now because I want to go grab my book out of my room, make another cup of coffee and just read!

I love to inspire people to read, because I am easily swayed when someone describes a good book. My sassy red-headed Ashley told me when we first me that I needed to read A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray because it was her favorite book. When I asked why she explained…

“in highschool I reached a point where I was over reading, i was just done with it. When I got A Great and Terrible Beauty I couldn’t put it down and it was the first book that made me fall back in love with reading.”

If that does not get you inspired then I do not know what will!

Look at how cozy these nooks are! This has to get you stoked to read right!?!

Okay okay I will stop because all I want to do is read and its time for my run so, your mission should you choose to accept it is grab a book you are stoked to read and just read! Be lazy this one Saturday and enjoy a cup of coffee and just be still!

The Immortals After Dark

Hey friends! I just posted on my co book blog that Ashley and I share but I thought I would also share the same post here as well. A few years back my sister Jamie and I were driving down to the mall which is a 45 minute drive so we have lots of time to talk! She kept bringing up this series she was crazy about by a lady named Kresley Cole.  I remember wanting to go and buy the first book because she spoke about it with such passion and she always laughed at one particular character and quoting her. When I left her house I felt excited to pick up this series but also nervous because Jamie has always been a reader and I was still quite picky. I wanted to love these books as much as she did. When I read what is actually the 2nd book (that I thought was the first) I was hooked! kresley-cole

I know… These books look pretty ridicules and reminiscent to the books that had Fabio on the covers with a busty blonde in his arms that were huge in the 90’s but let me assure you You cant Judge a book by its cover! Yes these books are racy but they also have really cool characters that go through time and their lives all intertwine with each other. They are all part of “The Lore” because each character is a creature of some sort. We meet Vampires, Witches, Demons, Valkyrie and so much more. Each book follows a particular Man and woman who eventually fall in love during their adventure. I am on the book you see in the bottom row called Lothaire. It follows a centuries old Vampire who wants to awaken his spirit of a Bride who is possessing a young southern girl named Ellie. So far in this series Dark Desires After Dusk has been my favorite. It is by far the best love story! I hope that I have inspired you to read these books. They are so much fun and easy reads!