The life of a CHP wife, the beginning.

Hey friends and readers. I have been thinking long and hard about adding something to this blog that I feel will be beneficial to all women and men who are dating, engaged or married to a peace officer. This is going to be a whole new segment in my blog and I hope that I can give enough examples and provide as many tips and tricks for all of you along the way. This segment will include a what to expect during the hiring process, the academy, break in and what is now the “new normal” for you. Okay…first things first

How did this start for me? Well, really fast actually. My husband was in his early 20s when he decided he wanted a career in law enforcment. He had a few friends who were fellow officers that really took him under their wings and gave him the guidence and support he needed to begin the adventure. For some men and women the process can take as little as 6 months, for Kyle it took 3 years. There were many set backs but on March 1st 2015 on my way home from work i received a call from him reading me his acceptance letter and that he began academy life in 1 month! This was the most wonderful and terrifying experience in my life and the lives of our friends and family.

After his 27 weeks he graduated, we got married and we moved in a 10 day span. Exhausted was putting it mildly. While i was excited for this new adventure my whole support system was back home, a friend and fellow officers wife was also back home but i knew they were all a text or phone call away. I was excited and scared and i really tried to tackle this new life head on, on my own. I didnt have anyone around to help me so i learned alot of things the hard way and although it was tough i now have the tools and tips to share with anyone beginning this adventure. 

Stay tuned for my next post about the hiring process and academy life for all of us who are these heroes support system.