200 questions post 7

Something you were disappointed in/by?

This questions brings to mind alot of things but im not going to think about it Globally, im going to think about it locally. Everyone has hard times. Everyone complains and sometimes you wonder when its going to get worse. I had been one of those people. I was so angry and resentful. I was jealous and sad. I believed nobody knew how i felt and i was so negative that i began to lose sight of me. That is how so many others are… I am disappointed by society’s inabilty to deal with life and to take ownership for how they handle situations. I ,personally have had anxiety for most of my life. Its been so bad that i believed i was having a nervous breakdown and would need to be hospitalized (panic attacks at their peak right?!?) I have never let anxiety speak for me. I have dealt with the worst of times with strength and power. I have never made an excuse for something because of anxiety. I have worked through it and come out on top. Society today does not take accountability, everyone is saying “why me”. I too have asked that question but i gotta tell you something… Life doesnt give a shit!! It is up to all of us to make life good. Its okay to have a bad day because we all do, but dont sit around and feel sorry fir yourself because there is someone going through something so much worse. Wake up everyday feeling so grateful that you are alive. Practice positive thinking. Breathe deeply. Feel the warm sun on your face. We only get this one time to be alive so why not embrace your blessings and leave all the negative shit behind because honestly, the world continues on regardless of you bad day.


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