200 questions challenge

Hi readers! We are now on day 3 of this challenge!! I am having so much fun with this and hope you enjoy it too!

Day 03: what is a hobby you would like to pick up if money wasnt and issue?

Sorry for the screenshot, it wouldnt save to my phone! So for me it would be quilting. I have made a few Log Cabin style quilts that my Aunt Nana taught me how to sew but to make something like this would be the dream!! I adore people who can sew like this. Many advanced quilters I know look at this and say “piece of cake”. When i look at this I think “dear god how does this work”!?! Not only is quilting beyond my comprehension it is also quite costly. The first quilt i made was a lap quilt (not even the standard size for a baby quilt) and it cost me roughly $75!!! 

Is there a craft you wish you coukd do if money wasnt a problem?!?


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