200 questions challenge day 2

Hi friends! I hope all of you are doing well. It is GORGEOUS in California today. My puppy Kevin is loving sitting on the porch in the sun for long periods of time. Today we are on the 2nd day of the 200 question challenge so lets get into it!

Day 2: Favorite article of clothing you own/owned…dmThis is Miami Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino’s Jersey. Marino was a first round pick of the Dolphins in the 1983 NFL draft and played for 17 seasons! in 1999 he was named number 27 of the 100 greatest football players of all time! The fist time I ever found out who Marino was when I was about 4 or 5 and my dad rented Ace Ventura: Pet Detective for me and the plot of the movie was ace finding the dolphins mascot Snowflake. Marino makes a small appearance in the film and I thought that dolphins were cool so maybe i should like that team (since my mama is a die hard Green Bay Packers Fan and my dad is a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan). They were “my team”(as much as they could be for a little girl) from then on! It wasn’t until I met a friend who loved them more than I did. He knew all about them, their stats, current and past players etc. He had a couple of jerseys and he let me borrow his Marino jersey that was Identical to this one, for years. I LOVED that frickin jersey. I wish I still had it. I do however plan on getting my own someday!

Do you own any of your favorite spots team memorabilia???


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