Tips for blogging

Hello everyone. I have been still so busy. I feel like I am busier not working a full time job with school and life than I am now with no job, full time school and life. OMG anyway I have been doing live feeds via Instagram which I am loving! I did one this afternoon and one of the questions I was asked was tips for blogging. So lets get into it and you will learn some neat stuff!

  1. Be Brutally Honest. By this I mean be honest with yourself, be hones in you posts, just be honest. There is no shame in writing what you feel. The beauty of your blog is its your blog! Say what you feel and feel what you say.
  2. Don’t make it a chore. I have taken a huge break from this blog and while I have been wanting to write, I know that I cant force myself to. If its a chore, you don’t love it. Blogging for me is a way of making my voice heard, my stories shared and my creativity sparked.
  3. write what you love!! I cannot stress that enough. I love writing about my amazing relationship, my baby dog, and growing up with my family. I love sharing my opinions on books and movies. I love being goofy and making people laugh. So that is my goal. I feel its important to write about what you love and know a lot about. In my case that is MOVIES! or Autism, Tim Burton, Books etc. Its a fun way of expression!
  4. Don’t write about something you don’t understand. I am all for research and learning however it really bothers me when someone writes something that has very one sided or wrong info. I am not one to comment on posts like that because its their voice and journey and I also do my best to practice positivity so why input negatively right??? But make sure you know your subject!!
  5. and finally HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! This is most important. Its like I said before, if its a chore then its not for you. Why would you do something you hate regularly right?  I love reading content and I especially love reading creative and different content so I look forward to following all of you and I hope these tips give you  that spark you want and need!


Be sure to follow my co-book blog with my bff Ash, check us out at we are currently working on new content and meeting up next week to come up with new ideas!!!


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