2016 Recap

Hi friends, It has been awhile since I have posted and for that I am sorry. Life has been busy, busy, busy! I hope all of you had a FABULOUS holiday. I sure did and I cannot wait to use my Christmas money to go shopping! I wanted to do a post summing up this last year for me as we only have 4 days left in 2016.

Many people hate this year and I will say there have been some very hard times but there has also been so much amazingness too! Hollywood lost a lot of greats sadly. I lost some people in my life. My anxiety was at an all time through the summer. This year I also felt very lonely. I felt even more isolated than I did the first year of our new life. I decided to change all of this and my way of thinking and I cannot tell you how much my heart and mind have changed!

Here are some of the things that are my yearly highlights

I have been an auntie to 2 kids for 7 years now. Desirae and Robert are 2 of the biggest loves of both mine and Kyle’s life. In January 2016 we were blessed with our newest Nephew Oliver! We were also asked to be the kids Godparents. You can imagine my elation when I was told I was these amazing kiddos Godmother. What an Honor right?!?

Kyle and I decided that as of January 2017 we would begin trying to start a family. While I am still very nervous, knowing I have Kyle by my side is what makes me feel like I can do this parent thing. Thankfully too all of my family is in VERY close proximity to me so I know that I will have support there. I also tell people that my babies will be so blessed because most couples have a mom and dad to be grandparents but I have 2 sets of parents. My babies will have Nana and Papa (my mom and step-dad) Mimi and Grandpa (kyles mom and dad) and Grandpa and Grandma( my dad and step mom). How lucky are they?!?

We got a puppy! Kevin is a half English bulldog and half American Bulldog. He is sweet, sassy, a big love and has the sweetest face in all the land! He is now 4 months old and sitting at my feet snoring as I write this! He loves bananas, water bottles and playing with his friend Max!

We moved! While we still live in a county I am not particularly fond of we moved into a bigger house, in a drastically nicer area and we are able to have Kevin. I love my new house. I have a huge living room and bedroom and my own library!!!!! I actually have a library!!!!!

I am finishing up my last semester at Sierra College and beginning at University of Phoenix in the summer!!! I have only a couple classes to take for my AA degree and I will be able to finish that at UOP then I will begin my Bachelors in English!

I started an Etsy shop!!! As many of you have read, I have been embroidering since I was about 4 or 5. My step-dad has told me time and again that “if you’re good at something, never do it for free” so I bit the bullet and opened my shop. I have had one sale so far and it was a custom order not through my shop, but hey its a start!

Kyle and I hit our 10 year mark! I have been told repeatedly this year that he and I are “the power couple”! I am now believing it. Many people believe that highschool love amounts to nothing and sometimes it doesn’t but in my case I am 10.5 years strong and ready to kick more ass with him by my side!

As this year comes to a close I am feeling sick (I have a chest cold) LOL, but for real I am feeling full, loved and excited. I know that each year will bring challenges but I have come to find that life is like a riverbed and I am a rock. I can either try and push past it or let it wash over me. I chose to let it wash over me. I chose happiness. I chose Positivity. I chose to practice compassion and work on my life. I chose to not let the small stuff effect me. I am also choosing to be a bit more selfish this next year and do things that better me but also make me happy. I am not going to focus on things that don’t effect me. I plan to focus on my life, my marriage and my family.




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