Little Things I want to do

Hi everyone! I was really inspired to write tonight. I have a friend, who I used to work with, who just started her own blog and I am loving it! Reading the two posts she has really got me excited. With the upcoming election I felt like I wanted to take this time to write about some things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year that are in no way heavy or overly emotional. So here is my next 365 goal sheet!

  1. Keep working on this blog! I have loved sharing my life, my loves and bearing my soul to all of you. I am working on ideas for more content and I am hoping to do some Vlogs as well!!!
  2. Read, Read, Read. My goal for 2016 was to read AT LEAST 50 books and I have only read 17, I think! My problem being that I have been keeping my home, chores and my business ahead of me time. So next year I want to read at least 25 books and here are some of the titles I am stoked to start!

I have read the first book Dark Lover in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward. Recommended to me by a gorgeous woman who I have never met in person. Miss Meg you inspire me to read daily!  I am on book 13 of The Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole and if you follow my co-book blog with my  best friend Ashley, you saw my whole post about this series! I am currently reading book 2 The Darkest Kiss in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter and it is knocking book 1 out of the park!!! There are many more books I have and need to read but it seems like around this time of year I get super inspired to pull out my supernatural smut collections!

3.Build and sell more on my Etsy! I recently started my own Etsy shop and I am LOVING getting back into my craft. I showcased the shop on a previous post but I will share some of my work as of late 🙂

4. Finish my AA degree. I have 2 maybe 3 more classes to take and Oh.My.Gosh I am ready to wrap up! I have been in school forever working to get my AA degree and I still have a lot of school left for the Masters degree I want. I have been thinking about a program to take to at least give me something to fall back on. I am thinking about a certification in Interior Decorating. I love decorating. I have a great eye for color and I love making peoples vision take shape. Also its a quick program and would be something I could have on the back burner (unless my Etsy takes off, then I will focus on that )

Well I think that is enough for now. I will be posting more and more the remainder of the year! See you soon


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