Pinterest Q&A

Hey readers I wanted to do another Q&A so I looked on pinterest and here is the one I chose!

What are 5 passions you have and why?

  1. Movies, I am a movie junkie. I personally own 600 give or take. If you have read my previous blogs you know that for me movies are a very personal, wonderful outlet for me and that I look at all aspects of each movie.
  2. Embroidery, I have loved to stich for over 20 years but in the last month since I began my Etsy shop I have found a new found and deeper love for it.
  3. Books, reading is another passion. I love to read, I love to start a new book, I love when I get so hooked I cant focus on anything else but finishing that book.
  4. interior decorating, since I have lived on my own, the topic of interior design has come up as a profession for me and since I am renting I cant do everything that I want but I have visions for my home and I cannot wait to get started.
  5. Dance, I have wanted to dance my whole life and was able to for a short time but it was one of the best times of my life.

List 20 random facts about myself…

  1. Black is my favorite color
  2. I have really small hands and feet.
  3. I love video games.
  4. Big Fish is my least favorite Tim Burton movie.
  5. I have 6 siblings.
  6. I have been best friends with Jamie for 22 years last month!!
  7. My fear as a child was Edward Scissorhands
  8. I think Stevie Nicks is the coolest singer on the planet
  9. I have a crush on Michael Keaton
  10. I hate the color brown
  11. I tried to make my wedding Tim Burton themed and it was just going to be too over the top and not what I ended up wanting.
  12. My brother Dylan was my first baby. I had him on a weekend schedule when I was 12.
  13. I have been writing since before I could read, I would ask my mama how to spell the words I wanted to use.
  14. The first story I ever wrote was about the characters of CandyLand and how they ended up stuck in the game.
  15. I hate grunge music
  16. I want to have both arms tattooed one sleeve would be book illustrations and quotes and the other would be a Tim Burton collage
  17. In highschool my bedroom was bright orange, it looked like a popsicle!
  18. My first job was as a mainstream kid in my sisters preschool class, I was 5.
  19. I hate onions
  20. I can play a little piano, a little clarinet and a little guitar

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

This is a 3 parter. First off is my mama for all she has done, is doing and continues to take it all in stride with kindness and compassion. My cousin Charisse who is so selfless, so loving and the best teacher I have the pleasure of being related to and my amazing husband for teaching me to get a grip when I’m anxious, for supporting all of my choices in life and keeping me happy the last 10 years!

Do you have any pet peeves?

OMG yes I do!!!

  • Biggest one is whining. If you’re unhappy or whatever don’t complain because it can always get worse. Everyone is going to have moments where they complain and I am guilty of it but I do my best every day to know that I am blessed, and it could be worse. I don’t have time for whining and I was raised in a family where whining was unacceptable.
  • When people make you feel dumb or weird because you haven’t done something. Like when I say “oh ive never been there” and the response is “what? really, how have you never been here” its like okay well excuse me. Thinking about it gets me fired up.

What were you like as a kid?

I was a weird kid. I hated playing outside. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to Matilda but hated reading. I wanted to marry Teen Wolf and Beetlejuice. I loved lifetime movies that I watched with my nana. I loved to embroider. I began collecting movies and asking for them for birthdays and Christmas. I loved teaching my friends about Autism and learning about other special needs. I loved to perform in class plays. I loved music from the 70s-current because we always had music on in the house.

Currently I’m…

  • Thinking: oh my gosh I am so sore from my run and yoga session.
  • enjoying: typing this up and texting my friend Sharon.
  • Feeling: sleepy from my workouts and ready to finish this book I’m close to finishing.
  • wearing: my viva la brunch shirt and blue jeans!
  • needing: to finish my Humanities notes for my paper.
  • wanting: Kyle to be off overtime at work so we can watch American Horror Story!
  • Listening: New Girl is my background white noise for homework.
  • Making: I just finished 2 orders from my Etsy so I am currently not working on anything as of yet.
  • Eating:… I haven’t eaten today besides my slim fast shake… I should probably eat!
  • Drinking: Raspberry Lime Water.


That’s all for today 🙂 Thanks for reading !


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