Year 1 down 

So… it’s been 360 days that kyle and I have been married, relocated and living together. In the last year I have learned that I am one badass girl. If you don’t already know my husband works a high stress and dangerous job which leaves me at home most of the time. Many people would crack under that kind of pressure but I decided to take the world by the balls and change my life. I exercise regularly, I eat better (I still cheat and that’s okay) I started 2 blogs, an Etsy Shop and an it works entrepreneurship. I have a successful 10 year relationship that nobody can compare to. I’m learning what makes me incredibly happy and what isn’t working. I’m independent in a way that 90% of the population including women will never understand and I am successful. Regardless of the bordem bouts and not seeing my family as much as I would like, in my opinion this first year has shown me how good of a human I was raised to be, how well I am learning to cope with change thus making me crave it more and how independent I never knew I could be. 

This experience has been crazy in the hardest, best and most challenging of ways. When I look back I will have a sense of pride that nobody can hold a candle too because you have to put yourself in my shoes to understand. I am coming up on my 28th birthday and ready for a new year of marriage, family, babies (no I’m not pregnant but yes we are planning to “start trying” or in my words “not prevent” to have a baby in the next few months. I’m ready to finish my first of 3 degrees. I plan on reading 50 or more books next year, making a craft blog for my Etsy shop, selling alot of my work and being 100 percent present in my life now.

My youngest God Son/nephew Ollie getting love from auntie kels
One photo every 2 years of kyle and I since we’ve have been us. 10 years and counting!!!
My ash and I. She is literally the most selfless woman I have ever known

These are just a few reasons why I am so blessed!


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