Hey everyone. I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos yesterday and I was really into the Q&A videos of famous Youtubers, and celebrities. So I decided to host my own Q&A. first off I want to thank those of you reading and those of you who decided to ask me these fun and somewhat deep questions. I did not get the response I had hoped so I had to compile some questions I found online so here we go!

Christine asked “What are beliefs/opinions that you used to have that you no longer have? What changed your mind”? This was a really tough question because I had to really think hard about things I thought throughout my life and the one that came to mind first was that I used to believe that God would be mad at me because I was so in love with the studies of the Occult and the supernatural. I can remember being a little girl, who comes from a Christian family. My mama never pushed her faith and never told me I had to be any religion, however I knew from reading a book I found at the Library that many believed people who took an active interest in the Occult and or religions that were based on magic were looked down upon. I remember my mama saying that “God made me the way he wanted and loving the supernatural and witches was exactly how I was supposed to be”.  I loved that answer because it made me see that it was okay to be me. My mam really instilled a sense of confidence in myself from that point on that I was created (by God, Gods, Deities) and to love me for me.

Favorite part of my daily routine? I am a full time student so a lot of routine has been changed in the last month but I think my favorite is my run. I actually had to take a 2.5 week break as I hurt my back packing and moving boxes. I did my second run yesterday and really pushed myself to run at least 2 miles but to push beyond that if I could. I ran a solid 30 minutes and 3.37 miles!

Jasmine asked, What is your biggest life dream? Those change so much over time. As a little kid my biggest dream was marry Michael J. Fox or Beetlejuice. In Highschool it was to just graduate, as I literally almost didn’t! No really, It came down to my Government final. (not something I am proud of). Then it was to marry my long time boyfriend/fiancée’ and now that I am married and have my own home. My biggest life dream right at this very moment is to get my Masters in Library and Information Science and to inspire people to read, or help with gathering information and researching different things.

Would I rather Live without T.V or Music? For me honestly I could do without both… IF I was able to watch movies. I know that you need a t.v to watch movies but I am using t.v as in shows, cable, satellite etc. Movies are my life and so I could give up both for movies.

Jamie asked, What is your fondest childhood memory? I have so many but I think If I had to choose one it would be when my sister Rachel sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas to a room full of people and exclaiming EVERYBODY after the first  verse. It really showed me that regardless of her disability, she is a force!

What is my favorite childhood TV show? I grew up in the 90’s so Nickelodeon was all the rage. I loved RugRats, Doug, Rockos Modern Life but my all time favorite(s) were Ahh Real Monsters and Beetlejuice: the animated series.

Sharon asked, Who are 5 fictional characters you wish you could meet and why? I love this question!

okay number 1 has to be Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. He is my all time favorite character in all of literature. I can remember my mama telling me about this book and how amazing it was. When it was assigned my freshman year I couldn’t wait to show my mama! Atticus is the quintessential man. He loves his family, he is a good man who defends a black man for something he didn’t do in a time when segregation was the norm. He is kind and compassionate and strong.

2. The Aunts from Practical Magic (the book and or the movie). Practical magic is a movie that I hold so close to my heart. Growing up with my best friend Jamie, basically since birth, we watched it all the time and wished we were Sally and Gyllie. As I look back at us then and look at us now, she and I are very much the aunts. We are funny, even funnier together. We are strong, we always have each others back, no matter how much time goes by when we are together its as if no time has passed. I would want to find out what makes the aunts the aunts.

3.Beetlejuice. Obviously! He’s funny, he’s cool and he’s the best!

4.The Sanderson sisters. Hocus Pocus is my 2nd favorite movie and to meet Sarah, Mary and Winnie would be a dream. I would want to learn all about their lives before they were hanged and the Halloween they chased Max, Dani, Allison and Binx

5.Katniss Everdeen. I absolutely love her as a character. She is strong, beautiful and brave. Her love for Prim is like a mother to her child. She is a force!

Derek asked What are the benefits/struggles of growing up with a sibling with disabilities? This is such a great question that siblings like me never get asked. I don’t know if it is because people think its rude or what but I love answering questions like this. Let me first say that the benefits by far outweigh the struggles however the struggles are real. Growing up with Rachel is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I was a toddler when she was diagnosed so for me there was no grieving process that is common for families upon diagnosis, and it was my normal. She is the light of my life. She is so bright, and so beautiful. Her heart is ENORMOUS! One thing that I always think of as a huge benefit to having her as my sister is I am who I am because of her. She has taught me strength, patience, empathy, and unconditional love. The struggles are very few and far between but one I can recall is letting her gain independence. Because I have devoted my life to keeping her safe and helping my mama help Rachel learn and grow, I have had to learn to take a step back and let her flourish. Its hard sometimes because I never want her to hurt, or be scared or be uncomfortable or even mad. Another struggle that I think subconsciously I knew but never thought about was that as the big sister to a person with disabilities I had to take a “back seat” as my mama says, because Rachel needed so much. I never thought of it this way until recently my mama brought it up. I always knew this person needs help so I need to let her get all the help she needs. And since my mama did it all on her own, I knew that if we could get Rachel any and every program or resource that my mama would get a break. Mind you I have never met a woman who could have taken care of “2 only children” as she calls it, and done it with such grace.

What is something you are good at doing? Embroidery! Research! Remembering Quotes!

What is something you own that you are grateful for? My husband has an amazing job and its allowed me to get a new car so I don’t have the stresses of an older car, I am able to go to school full time, a bed and a roof over our heads. Theres a lot to be grateful for!

What is your least favorite household chore? Since I am a stay at home wife and student (not yet a mother) I do everything but I would have to say either Dishes or folding laundry!

Are you more like your mom or dad? I think physically I’m like my dad, as if you know me and you know my mama that is like night and day. I think as far as personality and mannerisms I am a lot like my mama.

What is something you are proud of? There are so many things but right now I am really proud of Kyle and I. 10 years together, first year of marriage under our belts, living in a town we don’t like, away from our friends and family and we are making it! I think that we have a lot more under our belts than most couple because we have had to everything on our own and we are in stride.

That’s all for tonight! If you liked this and want more let me know. I had a lot of fun!



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