Check in and feelings 

Hey readers! I wanted to write tonight because I’ve been having revelations in my life and on life in general. So here is what has been on my mind…

1. Stop being negative. I feel like society as a whole has bred us to make such a big deal on what’s wrong in our lives. Yes we all have bad days, bad thoughts and just natural stresses and anxieties. It is because of how we are bred that we want want want and I too am guilty but take a second and think about what’s right in your life! Quit having a pity party and buck up! I am so sick of negativity it’s literally to the point where I wanna sit in my cozy chair, stitch for my etsy shop and get rid of my phone and laptop just so I can experience that bliss.

2. Setting boundaries. I have come to learn that for myself I need to take a step back. I am noticing that I am taking in so much extra shit from the world that I need to step back, take a breath and really set some boundaries around me to maintain peace and keep myself centered.

3. Set attainable goals. For my entire life I can remember being a planner. I planned my next step before I knew what the first step was. This has been a blessing and a curse. I love being able to come up with a plan but I get so wrapped up that part way in I have to rethink steps. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. So now I have 3 goals and I’m sticking to only those for now!

4.let little things go. I am very much a control freak and I’ve noticed I hold on to alot of extra, small bullshit. It’s time to let that go! I am a good human, a dedicated student, a great friend, a crazy movie lady, a stitcher, a quoter, sister, daughter, auntie, God mother, and wife and I’m loving it!

5. Use social media only for “good” connection. I see alot of posts via Facebook where people complain and that’s fine, it’s an outlet and I have done it too, however it’s a downer. So I am making it known that I will be showcasing my art, my gorgeous husband and happiness only on my social media.

6. Be Present. I am a girl who stressed so much about nothing that it literally began to affect me physically and emotionally.  I was on medication for anxiety, I couldn’t sleep. I was having panic attacks daily. I gained 40 pounds in a 2 year span, I wasn’t reading. I wasn’t crafting. I was stuck in my own head stressing about my future. I have come to realize that I cannot control the future but I can control how I react to it and why react with panic? Embrace the future, enjoy the present and leave your past behind. 

7. Practice Compassion. I heard a t.v personality say recently that he believed in a higher power of sorts but mostly believed in compassion. If all of us would practice this more I think all of us would benefit emotionally. I wrote about my biggest life rut where I was ready to fight the world, and always bitter and I truly believed that if I was already angry I wouldn’t be disappointed and compassion and sympathy were not in my vocabulary. I now make a conscience effort to keep both in my head and my heart and to emanate them daily.

This was such a fun post for me because these things weigh heavy on my mind. You may not agree, you may call me crazy, you may unfriend me but this is me.. and I really like her!


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