10 more movies I adore

Hi friends! I have been on overdrive lately with school and life in general! I wanted to a fun post that wasn’t emotionally heavy like my last one so here are 10 more movies that I adore. Many of you may not know these movies or maybe you didn’t know I loved them as much as I do, so here we go!


10. Southpaw. I am a HUGE sports movie fan. I have seen dozens in my life and to this day I am still absolutely in love with them. Southpaw is a drama about a man named Billy Hope who is a famous and undefeated boxer from Hells Kitchen. With his wife in his corner, his daughter at home and a lavish life he is on top of the world, until tragedy strikes and he is left with only his drive to win again. This movie was a LONG awaited one for me. I am head over heels in love with Jake Gyllenhaal and his talent is a force. I knew that when this movie was released that it would be one of my favorites and I was right. Not only is the story great and heart wrenching but the cast is something to be celebrated.


9. Divine Secrets of the YAYA Sisterhood.  This is a movie that I watch frequently and I can say most of the lines verbatem. Its a coming of age story for all ages about a group of women whose friendship withstands the good, the bad and the ugly of life. With the talent of James Garner, Ellen Burstyn, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock and Maggie Smith this story will leave you happy and sad and still trying to figure it all out once its over.


8. The Wolf of Wall Street. I had to choose another Leonardo DiCaprio film as per usual! I had extremely high expectations for this movie as it starred my favorite Actor and one of my all time Favorite Directors Martin Scorsese. In the past the two of them have made cinematic gold with movies such as The Aviator, The Departed and Shutter Island. My expectations were beyond met with this story of a man whose dream of money and success are far greater than he expected (they also were illegal). This is one of my favorite preformances of Leo’s as I think he embodied each phase of this mans success with grace and true talent.


7.The Lost Boys. I am a shameless 80’s movie fanatic while my husband is much less one and much less of a movie buff than I am however we both frequent The Lost Boys. This movie follows a family who moves to a coastal town that is inhabited by teenagers who are children of the night. Being a vampire has never been cooler when Keifer Sutherland is the leader of the pack. This was the first movie I saw that Corey Haim was in and it was love at first sight!


6. Riding in Cars with Boys. This is another movie I watch alot. It was one that came out when I was in junior high school and when It finally aired on HBO i made sure to watch it as much as I could. It was the first movie that I felt Drew Barrymore really let go and showed off her true talent. This story is a bio pic about a women who tells her story of growing up all too fast when she becomes pregnant in highschool and raising her son Jason, her junkie husband Ray and herself all the while writting this book that she narrates.


5. My Week with Marilyn. If you know me, you will know that I am not a fan of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. While I think that she was gorgeous, I think that that is where the talent ends. However in watching this movie I was overwhelmed with a bunch of emotions. I saw a woman who was such a force but who inside thought nothing of herself. I saw her struggle with her techniques and methods and dealing with the impending doom of her failing marriage to the famous playwrite Arthur Miller. Michelle Williams was a stunning adaptation of the starlet and captured her to her very core. There is a scene where she is greeted by her friend and she says “forgive my horrible face” as she had been crying and wearing no makeup, and in that moment I saw a woman who literally struggled with herself everyday.

thC7Z25Q7H4. Silver Linings Playbook. Here is another movie that I didnt see until all of its hype died down and Oh my gosh this is one movie that will go down in history. It follows a man who is institutionalized and when he is let out he meets a widow who is equally as damaged as him and how a dance competition can make two people fall in love. It is one that you really sit back and think about once the credits begin to roll.

th6OSNVJ5B.jpg3. Shutter Island. All I can say about this is WOW! This is one of Leo’s darkest preformances as he portrays a Agent looking for a murderer in an asylum on an island. You see him struggle with his own sanity as the film continues until you finally find out the truth and BAM! You are slapped in the face with an inceredible twist! I saw this isn theaters with my husband and he called all the twists (or so he says) and was unimpressed but I walked out in awe at how utterly amazing the entire movie was and how deep Leo had to get into this character.

how to make an american quilt.jpg2. How to Make an American Quilt. I remember being a 8 year old girl and watching this movie with my mama. If you have seen it you know that it is a movie that celebrates the lives of a group of women who tell their stories through the eyes of Finn plyed by Winona Ryder. It was the first movie I watched where these women dealt with so much heartache and still came back 10 times stronger. Each woman fell in love, lost love and found love in another form later in life and it really showed me that through greif and success, love and loss, only you can make your own future.


  1. Tombstone. This picture speaks for itself. Tombstone is one of the first Westerns I ever watched when I was a kid. As you know by now my parents F@#$%^& rocked and allowed me to watch alot of movies because they too are major movie buffs. I remember thinking that these 4 men were the toughest guys in the world. Based on a true story of Wyatt Earp, Tombstone is still to this day one of my favorites. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is probably in my top 10 all time favorite characters and if you have seen him you know why. He takes the role to an entirly different level and I dont think it will ever be matched.

I hope you enjoyed this post. More fun to come!


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