The Jane Austen Book Club

Hi everyone. Its a Lazy sunday and I am watching one of my all time favorite movies. Its about 5 women in the Sacramento area who are all on different paths but all in need of something similar.

Jocelyn dealing with grief

Prudie dealing with a younger man and her distant husband

Bernadette a free loving hippie in need some girl power

Sylvia, a woman dealing with her failed marriage

Allegra, the youngest of the group and somehow one of the wisest. Helping her mother deal with her separation.

These five warriors decide to re-read the novels of Jane Austen. Each book somehow relating to the change in their lives ultimately helping them come to terms and begin to grow.

This is an amazing movie and I am looking to get my hands on the book. I personally tend not to like movies and books with so much “girl power” however… In the case of this movie I would not have it any other way. What I love so much is these women take books that they are already familiar with and read them again for discussion. I find book clubs so profound, when done right. Its amazing to have a group of people come together to read something that may or may not be new material and discussing how it makes them feel. What they loved, what they hated. In my opinion, a book club for a woman is the best way to have some camaraderie with someone of the same sex.

It has always been a dream of mine to head a book club. I have “half-assed” tried to get a book club together but its hard to get all of the schedules down for meetings, and hosting the meetings (especially when I live nowhere near anybody)…  I hope to one day have the ultimate book club. I crave that intellectual conversation that comes with reading a book. I want the arguments, and the head nods. I want all of it.

I am in a book club online with a bunch of people and we read books by indie authors. I love this club. What I want most in the world is to have my own and choose books that make you think, make you laugh, make you love to hate a character. I want that camaraderie.

New years resolution maybe…???



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