A new business adventure and positive change 

Hey everyone. I have a friend who has her own Etsy. She taught me everything I needed to know about crocheting and shares my work on multiple occasions. She is so beautiful inside and out and planted a seed in my mind of finally starting my own etsy.

Today, and the next 4 weeks are going to be so busy with our move. I hurt my back lifting crazy heavy stuff, but hey I have dealt with kidney stones and my husband has been working so much over time that I need to get shit done regardless of how I feel. While we were grocery shopping kyle told me when I mentioned to him that I may be interested again in pursuing this goal “either shit or get off the pot” he’s the best as quick advice! So I’m gonna go for it!!!! I am bulking my inventory and working on my first order as we speak so the shop itself probably won’t be up until about the time we move. If you want to follow me right now I will be posting a picture with all my contact info!

This is something I am doing for my mind and soul. I feel like there is so much going on all the time. Everyone is buzzing about everything ALL THE TIME. I feel like I am one of the only people really putting Positivity and good vibes into the universe. The only thing I can control in my life is my reaction to things, so here is my reaction. I am taking my busy lifestyle and doing something beautiful. I am putting Positivity into practice by sharing a gift I have that most people do not. If you need me, I will be enjoying my time, with a needle and thread, a jog or a book.

So excited to begin yet another endeavor that is long overdue!!


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