Hey everyone. I literally just finished (about an hour ago) a pillowcase for a girl who I can Beazus.

Ashley is someone I have interviewed on this blog and if you read it you already know a little about her. What you do not know is that the girl LOVES jellyfish. She has a tiny Jellyfish tattoo on the top of her ankle and I have promised to make her something jellyfish for years now. so here it is, her final piece, being sent out tomorrow!


In total with tracing, and stitching this probably took me 24 hours. Yesterday and Today were my most productive days and i think I averaged 6 hours per day to finish it. When I picked it up again I only had the cap of the jelly done. I used good ol’ DMC floss, and gave it an ombre’ effect 🙂

My good and equally as talented friend is wanting me to start and Etsy and I want to do it…It was my plan when I got married to make movie money. After completing this it makes me want my own Etsy even more!

Check back for more creations and see if I do start an Etsy!



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