Changes happening soon!

Hey everyone! I am sitting in my livingroom with my hot cup of coffee and trying to procrastinate my errands a little longer so I thought I would post something. Summer is basically over and while I was super busy with school and life in general I am a little sad I didn’t get to do more… I didnt read all that much either 😦

There are going to be some big changes in the next 60 days! I am a creature of habit but for some reason I am excited to move. I am not sure if it’s because I am ready for a more updated home (the one we are in now is really old) or if its because we could be moving next to some of my husbands friends which would mean I would have people to hang out with (I don’t get alot of visitors here because everyone is at home and super busy) but I have to say I am ready to move! I’ve packed a good portion of our house by myself!

Fall semester starts in 2 weeks!!! I am excited because this should be my 2nd to last semester at Sierra College and I am over the moon. While I love school and I have had some amazing teachers, the entire system there is lame and I am ready to get started on my B.A to then get my Masters!!!

I have an instagram account dedicated to books and taking pictures of them and I am SO over all of it. Yes there are nice people and yes there are some great pictures however… It 90% Harry Potter, which is fine some people love it that much but also I am having a hard time finding genuineness within it. I have a handful of people who I continually talk to and 2 of them are people I know personally. I kinda feel like there is a competitive side to the community of who takes the best picture. So, after my challenge is over I am saying bye bye to bookstagram and focusing on both of my blogs!!!!

This blog is something I started because I love to write and I am actually pretty good at writing. I enjoy being stoked on a post and talking about it. I also have an amazing friend who has a blog on here Jasmine who has shared my blog on more than 1 occasion!!!!!

My co-book blog. I am hoping that although I will be busy at school that the reading bug will bite me again so that I can post more reviews. This last year has been a tough one for reading. On Goodreads my challenge was to read 50 books. I have only read 16 to their entirety.

My god babies, I  want to be more active in their lives. Even though Kyle and I see them almost every time we come home. It breaks my heart when I have to say goodbye to them. I have a driving, 16 year old Junior and a football playing,14 year old sophomore! Then I have Mr. Ollie who is almost 7 months old!!!

Being more active with fellow wives. My husband’s job is busy and there are a group of wives whose husbands do the same thing and I have yet to meet any of them so I plan to be proactive in spending time with women who are going through the same motions with me.

I plan to get off my anxiety medication as well. I have had anxiety my entire life and I have never let it stop me from doing what I want and love and if Kyle and I want to start a family I want to be off of it so after the move I am making an appointment to talk to my doctor about leaving the meds behind!

Man that is alot to do in 4 months and I feel like I can’t ever catch my breath but its a good thing to be super busy. I have been super bored for months now so I am welcoming it!

Talk to all of you soon!


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