Things I am really stoked about right now!

Hey everyone! I felt really compelled to write about some of the things that I am beyond excited for.. I have no clue why I am excited about them but I am!


My summer semester ends on Thursday 4th and I am beyond ready for one of my last semesters at my community college. Next semester I am taking Humanities, Women of U.S history and World Geography. After those I will only have math left! Then I can begin to work on my Bachelors!


This friggin show! Last week I decided to watch it because I have heard so much good shit about it. OH.MY.GOSH! I am absolutely in love with this show. The first 2 seasons were on Amazon Prime for free but of course I have to pay for the other 3! I am going bananas not watching it!


Our lease is up in September and although I am so not looking forward to moving again I am excited to get my home crazy organized. I have noticed in this last year of living on my own, away from family and friends that to pass time I clean and or organize. This next house we move into is going to be so organized that it wont be messy ever again!

I am also stoked for

my next few tattoos that I have planned out and ready to go

My next Piercing (my lip!!!)

another year with kyle

another year of fitness training



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