Lights Out: A movie review

Hey readers. Over my weekend Kyle and I went and saw the newest Horror movie Lights Out and oh my gosh! It was amazing…

Lights Out

Directed by: David F. Sandberg

Starring: Teresa Palmer and Maria Bello

Lights Out is a story about a family plagued by a shadowy creature names Diana. When its dark Diana likes to come out and wreek havoc on this family and she has been for years. It started with Sophie, the mother who is victim to sever depression as a child and meets/ befriends a strange girl who is allergic to the sun, this is Diana. When Sophie has her first child Rebecca, and Rebecca’s father abandons the family Diana comes back and begins to bother the family of 2. Years later when Rebecca is all grown up and her mother is remarried with another child, is where the story starts.

Sophie’s husband has another late night at work and Diana is waiting for him. Leaving behind Sophie and little boy Martin, Diana makes her way back into the family’s life ready to get rid of all of them except Sophie.

The movie is all about how and why Diana chooses this family and how to get rid of her once and for all.

OH MY GOSH!!! This was one of the best Horror movies I have seen since The Conjuring. It combines all of the necessary components that make up a scary movie. There is pain both physical and emotional. There is great “jumping” moments in which you are startled and the story line is horrifying. I would have to give this movie 5 stars!!! It will make you think, scream, and maybe even cry like I did. I would recommend it to only those who love to have the crap scared out of them!


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