Growing up on the Spectrum part 6


Hey readers, I was watching a show that I am hooked on called Born This Way about a group of individuals with Down Syndrome who live their lives magnificently. The episode I am watching shows the relationship between one of the girls Rachel and her typically developing brother Jonathan. It made me really miss my Rachel and I was inspired to talk some more about her.

Watching her Grow…

Over the weekend I was house sitting for a long time family friend. Funnily enough one of the friends knew Rachel before we knew her. She worked with Rachel through school. This family has been such a blessing in our lives and have accepted Rachel with such ease. I always try to invite her to stay with me at least one night. We watch movies, try out new shows on Netflix and play Wii. As I sit with her and see how amazing and beautiful she is it literally makes my heart hurt. To see how far she has come and how much she knows and understands is amazing and shes amazing! She kicked my butt in Wii sports (I won at baseball!) I introduced her to a kids show/movie line called Monster High because I find it so fun and cute! We started Once upon a Time so that she could have a new show to watch on Netflix. I love the time we have just us because I get to hear her voice and see her emotions without any other distractions.

Taking a Breath…

There are always bad days. There are times when I get so frustrated with her because sometimes she can be so stubborn and I end up getting really short and snippy. When this happens I always realize right away that I need to take a step back, apologize for getting pissy and realize that she is doing her very best every day. She is the only person I know who gives 110% everyday in all that she does. If everyone lived like Rachel we would be Kings and Queens.

Being the Older sibling…

Being the older sibling is a blessing and a curse. I love that I have someone who looks up to me but my “mama”bear instinct kicks into overdrive. Most older siblings do protect their younger siblings but when you have a brother or a sister who has any kind of disability it makes that instinct a thousand times stronger. I love that she is my little sister and I would never change that, but I have to learn to step back and let her learn her independence and strength.


When Rachel was diagnosed, my mama told my dad that “one day she will be blessed with ease”( writing this quote brings me to tears) and on the day of her high school graduation she received a card in the mail from our daddy and in it he gave her praise but then mentioned that mama said “she will be blessed with ease.” Growing up watching over her, protecting her, loving her and seeing the woman she grew up being makes me realize that this quote is so true and although there will always be struggles for her, and for our family she really was blessed… and so were we.


Check back for more about Rachel


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