Practicing Positivity part 4

Hey friends. I wanted to do a post that I feel is very important for today, for everyone and for every time you feel down..Today I found out a family member passed away (my grandma’s dad) who was ill and very old, I almost had to go to the ER vet clinic for a sick pet that I’m watching and with these two situations and all the negativity around the world I’m just done dwelling on it. I’m done listening to it!  I have a beautiful life that I want to live! Yes I have anxiety, but does that stop me from being happy??? NO! Yes, I stress with my husbands job. Does that keep me down???? HELL NO! I’m so tired of hearing negative story after negative story so let’s put some Positivity up shall we!!!

This is such a great quote and this is how we should all live our lives!

My husband and I were just talking about how he and I laugh all the time. We talked about how we feel sorry for those people who don’t laugh. He makes me laugh hard daily and in fact yesterday he made me laugh so hard I ended up spitting up a drink of water I had just taken!

This is a great motivator. Now if I could find a way to sell my embroidery I would be solid!

This is something you need to do daily. I don’t care what kind of issues you have. I have issues, and I wake up every morning ready to take the world by the balls and grateful that I am happy, healthy and alive to do so!!!

This is something I needed to read today. With the almost ER vet visit, my husbands weekend over and back to his job, and all the other bullshit that happens. Each situation is what it is, only I can control my reaction to it. Today I decided not to get upset but to get shit done!

Words to live by. Don’t dwell on what happened, don’t compare, don’t stress when you fail, keep change in perspective, keep life in perspective. Let go. Move on. Be thankful. Stop whining and live the best life you can!

I was someone who was angry all the time for a few years and let me tell you, it sucked! One I woke up and said screw this, I am gonna be happy! I have worked too hard my whole life to let anything kick me down that hard!

Go live your life!


2 thoughts on “Practicing Positivity part 4

  1. I’m so sorry for your day. But so glad you are keeping your smile! I would give etsy another go! Start an instagram just for your etsy Nad network. I of course will blast it everywhere for you!


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