Room: A Movie Review

Hey everyone. I have been in a bit of a funk the last 2 days but today began a new quarter at work for my husband, which means changes for me too. Days are now mine while he works, which may mean more blogging because now I don’t know what to do with my time… Anyway, this evening I decided to watch a movie that took the Oscars by storm.

Title: Room

Release Date: September 4 2015 at the Telluride Film Festival.

Starring Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Joan Allen and William H Macy

Directed by: Lenny Abrhamson

“When I was 4 I didnt know about the world, but now me and Ma we’re gonna live in it forever.”

Room is about a young woman who we call Ma and her son Jack. They live in a tiny room with no visitors except a man named Old Nick who visits at night. Jack was raised in this tiny room since before he was born. That’s because Ma was taken by Old Nick when she was 17 and hidden in a shed, only to give birth to Old Nicks child who she names Jack. On Jack’s 5th birthday Ma decides to tell him her story and decides its time to trick Old Nick into getting Jack out of “room” so he can get help. Plan 1, place hot rags on his face to make him feel like he is burning up and needs to go to the hospital. Plan fails and Old Nick goes and finds antibiotics for him. Plan 2, the next day Ma teaches Jack how to roll up in a rug and pretend to be dead so that Old Nick will take him out of “room” and he can run for help. Plan 2 works and our little hero gets himself and Ma to safety.

Things in their new life are hard. There are different colors, temperatures, and people. Jack is trying his best to adjust and so is Ma, but “Ma is so sad and decides she wants to go up to heaven “boing” but she forgot about me and the aliens sent her back down to earth CRASH.” Ma goes to the hospital and Jack learns to let in his grandma. He begins to love and trust those around him and when Ma finally comes home from the hospital Jack asks ma if he can go see “room”. Aprehensivly she agrees and they are escourted by police to “room”. But room is different and all of the only things jack has ever known are gone, minus a few small details. Ma, asks jack if they can please go. Jack nods his head and begins saying goodbye to whats left of room. “Goodbye Plant, Goodbye chair number 1″…

This was the most heartbreaking film of 2 humans, 19 years between them, trying to survive, being freed and growing up together. Brie Larson won Best Actress for this role and It is so well deserved. She was the embodiment of a woman who has had some arrested development, because taken at 17 and locked away for 7 years will stop the mental growth of anyone. Ma is a heroine because she gives a voice to those who have been taken. She shows you what pure love for her child is. How selfless she had to be to keep Jack alive and well long enough to get them to safety. Jack was played by a boy named Jacob Tremblay who makes your heart ache when you look at him. His long brown hair is unkempt, his big brown eyes look at the world for the first time with such wonderment. He is a boy who had to grow for 5 years in complete secrecy and then really begin his life in “earth” where he can relearn how to fully live.

I have never watched a movie where I cried throughout the whole duration. I cried for Ma, a girl who just tried to help an older man in a time of need. i cried for Jack, a little boy who only knew “room” for 5 years of his life and who also has to live with a Ma who loves him but is always afraid. I cried for Ma’s family. 7 years without their child only to be reunited with her and their grandson as well. This is a movie that I may not watch again because I am still reeling from it. It combines a Love story (Ma and Jack) mixed with suspense and alot of emotions that are still flying around.

If you have not seen this movie, I have to recommened it. Its Beautifully Damaged. It will make you happy and sad and still trying to figure it all out after the credits begin to roll. This won many Oscars and for good reason. I personally will give it 5 stars. Its stunning!



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