How to be single: a movie review


How to be single

Release Date: February 12 2016

Directed by: Christian Ditter

How to be single is a comedy that follows four women who are all connected in the best kind of ways.

Lucy, Played by Alison Brie is a young woman looking for Mr. Right, Right NOW! She begins spending her time in the bar below her house where she meets a bartender who has more than just lust for her.

Alice, played by Dakota Johnson is a young woman working at a law firm who decides her boyfriend and her need some time apart to find themselves, little does she know that not only will he want her back but another man will want her too.

Robin, Played by Rebel Wilson is a happy-go-lucky Aussie who loves booze, sex and fun. She befriends Alice and they take their own alcohol filled trip down the rabbit hole

and finally Meg, Played by Leslie Mann is Alice’s older sister, a OBGYN who hasn’t wanted to have a family but when one encounter with a baby makes her change her mind she used IVF, gets pregnant and falls in love with a guy who works with her sister.

This was so much better than I expected. Upon seeing previews I knew I was going to laugh, little did I know that I would be sobbing at certain points. There was so much happiness, with some sadness sprinkled on top. There were moments where I laughed out loud and moments where I cried uncontrollably.

I loved every aspect of this movie. The cast was priceless and wonderful. The characters they played were just as amazing and made me wish I could live that life for 1 day. This is a movie you want to watch when you are in any kind of funk.

I give this movie 5 stars for Cast, Screenplay, Plot, Setting! All of it and when I go on my date this weekend I will be buying it!


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