Book club

Hey everyone. It’s a HOT day here in my little town and I’m sitting drinking my coffee and savoring the quiet time I have because my husband only has 2 more graveyard shifts and he will now be working some amazing new hours for the remainder of the summer!!!!!

As I sit here and look through my kindle to see what books can be erased from my library I am filled with an empty feeling of how much I have wanted to start a book club and have had no success. I only know a few people who like to read like I do but between the 4 of us the tastes in books vary greatly. So what’s a girl to do right…? Maybe I should be in my own group and make up a generic list of questions for each book and post them… have any of you hosted a book club? Were you successful?

I love the idea of a book club. Bringing together old friends or new people to read something that could be either life changing or a waste of time sounds so enticing to me. The idea first started with Oprah. My mama always read the books that Oprah’s book club recommended. I know I am not Oprah but how amazing to have an influence like that.

What do you do if you choose a book and nobody likes it? How would you start this up? With how successful all of you have made me on this blog I want to thank you and know your thoughts on this question I’ve been pondering!

Please comment your thoughts 🙂


9 thoughts on “Book club

  1. We should start a book club! It is hard when your in a group and the book choice is one that your not interested I’m not sure what to do about that! Have you joined any book clubs? 🙂


    1. I’m on one on goodreads and the first book was that dreamology book which wasn’t very good. Last month I couldn’t participate cuz we bought the cars and this month’s book is a fairy tale retelling and idk if I’m into it, not a fairtytale reader and it’s Peter Pan based


      1. Hmm yeah I did one on insta once and I was able to find the book super cheap so it wasn’t too bad but yeah I didn’t like the book very much so ehhh. I’ve always wanted to start one but just don’t think many or any people would do it just cuz there’s so many book clubs out there ya know


      2. Right?! I know…hmm unless we do our club differently and we each read a different book and can have anyone who wants to join us! Or if like you and I find a book we want to read we can. We may be able to make it work…😂


      3. yea ash and I tried that with james when I was still working at ben franklin and because james doesnt read YA it became hard because although I love all the books james introduces to me its hard to change up the titles when one person doesnt want to read that book for the month.


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