Creativity Funk

Hey friends. I was feeling a little blue today as I looked through my embroidery stuff because I have not stitched since before christmas!! I am in the worst creativity dry spell that I have even been in. Part of it I think is because with how often kyle and i travel when I’m home I want to relax. I am very much the kind of girl who wants to see the end result as soon as possible. With embroidery, unless you stitch faster than me you can’t let the end result dim the entire process. I also am on a bit of a reading kick as well so that could be it…


I came across this pillowcase set I did for Jamie and I am completely impressed with myself. That was a hard task to complete.


Then I look at this that I made my mother in law and again I’m like “damn kels nice job!!” But since this is haven’t had a desire to stitch and want to find that creativity I have somewhere.
Give me your thoughts as to what I should do!!! Should I push myself to make something? Should I make something and sell it?.. This girl needs some tips asap!


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