The Immortals After Dark

Hey friends! I just posted on my co book blog that Ashley and I share but I thought I would also share the same post here as well. A few years back my sister Jamie and I were driving down to the mall which is a 45 minute drive so we have lots of time to talk! She kept bringing up this series she was crazy about by a lady named Kresley Cole.  I remember wanting to go and buy the first book because she spoke about it with such passion and she always laughed at one particular character and quoting her. When I left her house I felt excited to pick up this series but also nervous because Jamie has always been a reader and I was still quite picky. I wanted to love these books as much as she did. When I read what is actually the 2nd book (that I thought was the first) I was hooked! kresley-cole

I know… These books look pretty ridicules and reminiscent to the books that had Fabio on the covers with a busty blonde in his arms that were huge in the 90’s but let me assure you You cant Judge a book by its cover! Yes these books are racy but they also have really cool characters that go through time and their lives all intertwine with each other. They are all part of “The Lore” because each character is a creature of some sort. We meet Vampires, Witches, Demons, Valkyrie and so much more. Each book follows a particular Man and woman who eventually fall in love during their adventure. I am on the book you see in the bottom row called Lothaire. It follows a centuries old Vampire who wants to awaken his spirit of a Bride who is possessing a young southern girl named Ellie. So far in this series Dark Desires After Dusk has been my favorite. It is by far the best love story! I hope that I have inspired you to read these books. They are so much fun and easy reads!


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