Interview Number 1


Hey Readers. Today I have decided to do some interviews. I wanted to share how cool some of the people in my life are in the hopes that you either follow them on Instagram or their blog and or just to see how amazing they are!

Sharon is my bestie and she is first on my list!!

Q. Where were you born?

A.“San Diego”

Q. If all of your favorite shows suddenly went off air with no chance of syndication, but you could choose one to watch forever, which show would you choose and why?

A. “Oh jeez… maybe Friends because it never fails to make me happy and make any bad day better.”

Q. Who is you favorite Singer?

A. “Impossible question for me. uhhh Celine Dion, lol I have no clue, I have so many.”

Q.if you could be any celebrity for one day who would you be and why?

A. “Jennifer Lawrence, because she is hilarious and pretty much loved by everyone and gets to work with cute guys… *cough* James McAvoy and Bradley Cooper.

Q.Who is your favorite Writer?

A. “Colleen Hoover.”

Q. Skill or Talent you wish you had?

A. “That I could play electric guitar.”

Q. One piece of advice you would have given yourself in High School?

A. “Enjoy school, Join more clubs and have more fun.”

Q. Favorite Song of all time?

A. “Let’s Get rocked” by Def Leppard.

Q. Whats next on your bucket list?

A. Do an EVP session at the Washoe Club.

Q. What music do you dislike?

A.” Bluegrass”

Q. Name your guilty pleasures

-Food “Yogurt Raisins”

-music “90s Pop”

-movie High School Musical 3″

-book “The Pretty Little Liars Series”

Q.What was your biggest dream as a kid?

A. “That I would Marry Mickey Mouse lol.”

Q.Cookies, Cake, Pie or Ice Cream?

A. “Ice Cream.

Q.Britney, Christina, Jessica or Mandy?

A. “Britney”

Q. Favorite Holiday and why?

A. “Christmas, because of everything really. Music, lights, smells, food, it’s just Magical!

Q. If Harry Potter had never been written, what would be your favorite series?

A. “Penryn and The End of Days

Q. Who is at your perfect concert (top 5)

A. ” Def Leppard, The Beach Boys, Michael Buble, Maroon 5 and Celine Dion.

Q. Favorite Pinterest Board you have?

A. ” Hot man Board”

Q. Villain you love to hate

A. ” Well it was always Snape until the end when I just ended up loving him but I’ll still go with him.

Q. If you were asked to sing any song by any musician of your choice who would it be and what would you sing?

A. “Somebody to love by queen for my audition on The Voice

Q. Give us a fun fact about you?

A. “I wish I could be a paranormal investigator and get paid to travel and find spooky locations

Q. Android or Iphone?

A. “Iphone”

Q. Music or Books?

A. “AHHHHH I guess book, I can make my own music LOL”

Q. Books or Movies?


Q. Singer you want to meet and what would be your first question you ask them?

A.” Tyler Blackburn (yes I am counting him as a singer now that we know he sings) …uhhhh hi would you mind if I licked your face LOL”

Well There you have it! One amazing person you had the pleasure of meeting! If you want to see her amazing blog check her out at



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