Fun Friday!

Hey everyone I was driving from my house to my parents and on the 2 hour drive I was thinking of things to write about and here is some fun stuff, and probably some unexpected facts about me!

What songs are on your Spotify/Pandora that many people would not expect:

~Shoop -Salt n Peppa

~California Love-Tupac

~The Hardest thing 98 degrees

~Barbie Girl- Aqua

~Phenomenal- Eminem

What Movies do you dislike so much you can’t even watch them again?


~From Dusk till Dawn

~Resavouir Dogs


Fun Facts about your life?

~My uncle is the co-inventor of Nike (yes, that’s true! My uncle Jim was part of it)

~ I’m terrified of the dark and fall asleep with the TV on.

~Wintergreen Tic Tacs are my favorite mint EVER!

~I don’t know how to ride a bike 😦 let me rephrase that, I cant ride a bike on two wheels.

~My favorite football team is The Miami Dolphins and I chose them when I first saw Ace Ventura!

~I am pretty good at impressions ( The Little Mermaid and Trina from Mad T.V are my best so far)

~When I was in Junior High I went through a crazy 80’s phase and unlike my friends who had Eminem and Justin Timberlake on their binders I had Corey Haim, River Phoenix and Keifer Sutherland.

~My Hollywood love is Mark Wahlberg and has been since I was 10 when I first saw him in Fear (my parents didn’t know I watched that 😉

~Katy Perry, Stevie Nicks, Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz are my Heroines!!!

Books I hate and will never read again:

~Lord of the Flies

~The Alchemist

~Anything by J.R.R Tolkin

~ Basically any of the classics…

Well that’s all folks!




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