Today I was sitting with my husband and I mentioned that I am having a hard time finding content to write about that I felt was “worthy” of this blog. I am very critical of what I choose to write and I only write on what I know. He mentioned “write about things you have accomplished that you are proud of.” Great Idea! so here is my list!

  • Graduate High School. If you did not know me in high school then you have no idea how bad high school was for me. I was very much disliked and did not have a ton of close friends. I also barely graduated. It literally came down to my finals senior year… that is scary but I turned it out and got to walk and got my diploma. It was touch and go all 4 years.
  • My relationship/marriage. Kyle and I are 10 years strong next month. This is something that I am overly confidant about, (almost cocky) because he and I have worked very hard for all that we have even when we had MAJOR setbacks. 10 years as us and almost 1 year of marriage… WE ROCK!!!!
  • School. I have been in college for far too long, however I am extremely proud of how hard I work. I have missed out on alot of social outings but I care too much about school and care very little about parties. People have given me shit for that but I value my grades now!
  • My blogs. I have had 6 blogs now, all of which have been unsuccessful but this blog and my book blog are up and coming and the response has been humbling!
  • Being a God mama. 2 very important people in my life gave Kyle and I the honor of being god parents to 3 beautiful children. I feel blessed to have all of them but even more blessed to have this title, I am not just an auntie, I’m a God Mama!!!!!!!!
  • Rachel. She is my biggest accomplishment. My mama did all the hard work but the fact that I get to be her sister is AMAZING. She is the light of my life.

Well those are just a few. It felt really good to share these because if you have been following this blog you know about my rough patch of wanting to fight back against the world when really all I had to do was change the way I looked at it and see just how blessed I am!


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