Book Tag Time!


Hey Everyone, so my bestie tagged me to do this! So lets get started shall we!

A Book that brings you Joy:


Oh Matilda, How you just understand me. Matilda by Roald Dahl is my second favorite book of his. She is the girl I wish I could have been growing up. Sadly, reading didn’t let me fall in love with it until I was much older. 15 to be exact. I only hope that when Kyle and I decide to have children that they will not be like me, and read from an early age and continue to read all the time.

A book that brings you sadness:


The Clearing by Heather Davis. Oh my gosh. This book was amazing. The tagline True Love is Timeless” is not even close to what this book brought to my heart. I stayed up till 3am reading this years ago and I remember uncontrollably sobbing by the time I finished. It was beautiful and sad and left me wishing to read more.

A book that brings you fear:

I have no book for this… I have never been afraid from a book and it breaks my heart. I guess I don’t get as emotionally involved as I think 😦

A book that brings you anger:


Yes, I know all of you are sooooooooooooooooooooo mad that i chose this book but come on, this is a book that got me excited and kept letting me down, same with Hopeless  I only hope that her next book will revert back to her Ugly love/ Maybe Someday writing and leave me hungover emotionally 🙂

Book that brings you disgust:


Again I know, shaking your head but this was such a hyped up let down. However I am willing to give it a second chance if someone can convince me well enough!

So thats it! Enjoy!



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