Growing up glam

Hey again everyone. I was listening to one my Spotify playlists and came across some of the music I grew up with. To many of you these bands will make you shake your head but for me they made me “bang my head” Here is a visual of what I mean!

These were the bands I grew up listening to, among many others. My parents listened to everything but there is something that I love about the leather and make up. I had very few friends who understood this love besides Jamie and my pal Josh! I love everything about the Hair Metal era. When I was in high school I used to walk around with my discman and I always had a Poison or Motley Crue CD on me. Until the last few years Poison was my all time favorite band and while I still love them I realized that Motley Crue is my favorite. They are the one band that I never get sick of hearing and I am in love with Nikki Sixx. As I am sitting in my Living room posting this I have the music on full blast and all of the songs bring a smile to my face.

Favorite songs include (some bands may not be pictured)

  • Same ol’ situation: Motley Crue
  • Night Songs: Cinderella
  • Fallen Angel: Poison
  • Here I go again: Whitesnake
  • Kiss Me Deadly: Lita Ford
  • Gypsy Road: Cinderella
  • Talk Dirty to me: Poison
  • Primal Scream: Motley Crue
  • I Won’t Forget You: Poison
  • Shout at the Devil: Motley Crue
  • Cryin: Vixen
  • 18 and Life: Skid Row
  • Sweet Child of Mine: Guns and Roses
  • Fly to the Angels: Slaughter
  • Summertime girls: Y&T
  • Ride the Wind: Poison

I Love that I got to grow up with this music. I love all the leather and makeup, the theatrics and most importanly the music.


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