Becoming a Librarian

Hey readers! I should be cleaning my house right now, but since my husband is sleeping I cannot vacuum or wash dishes, it’s just too loud so why not blog right?!? Anyway, I wanted to do a post on something that I have been working really hard towards and today I found myself feeling discouraged because I still have so much to do!

When I first started up at community college my main focus was finishing fast… When you have to work full time, school is second priority 😦 I am now on year 7 of community college. yep 7 years (Its ridiculous!!!). I shouldn’t complain because now I am lucky enough to focus on school. I look at my husband who is working in his dream career field and what should have taken a year max to do took Kyle 3. There was set back after set back but he pushed through and that is what inspires me to keep pushing.

I want to be a librarian. I think out of all my options and all the fields that entail books, that would be the best fit. However did you know that in order to be a Librarian you must have a master’s degree?!?! I’ve known that all along but when I talk to friends about it they are shocked. Yes its an intense field of study but I think I would be a great librarian. I mainly chose this occupation because I love reading and getting people excited to read. I also love to research and that is part of the M.A degree, its Library and Information Sciences. I am discouraged though. People always say “you can do it” or “I believe in you” its nice but it doesn’t make the degree come any faster. I just want to be done. Of all my peers I am the most behind and I am so angry at myself for that. I need to find some zen and really get myself inspired again to want this job. At this point in my life I should be done with school all together. By the time I get my degree, I will be almost 40!!! That’s just awful!

What has kept me going this long is I love school (minus math and science). I love learning. I also look at Kyle who never gave up. It would be a slap in the face and wasted money if I quit, but at this point I am so sick of General Education, I just want to focus on my degree!!!

Okay sorry Vent over!

The main reason I chose this field is because I love to read, but also because I love to get people excited. I went to beauty school with a girl who didn’t read at all. She said it was boring. I gave her 3 books and said “read these, if you don’t like them I wont push it anymore” She read all 3!!! and she loved them! I do not know if she continues to read as I don’t see her anymore but just doing that made me feel wonderful! The librarian in Matilda is also why I decided to choose this field. She gave Matilda a safe haven away from her troubles at home, with her family that didn’t understand her. She gave her the power to transport herself into a story and enriched her life with that. How could you not want that job right!?!

There are so many reasons why this is the goal for me, but getting there has proved a challenge beyond anything I anticipated.


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