A typical Week for me

Hey readers, It has been a lazy couple of days. I’m 99% sure I had a migraine yesterday and now I am still wiped out and a little bit of a headache still lingers, however that doesn’t mean everything stops! I was laying in bed this morning thinking of everything I have to do this week before we make the truck back home to help my in-laws move and have 3 birthdays to celebrate. A lot of people think that if you don’t have a job you dont work… That is pure bullshit! I am one of the busiest housewives ever! I am not complaining however, I have no time for complaining…from anyone! So here is a typical week for my husband and I

Wake up, coffee comes first! No caffine Kelsey is a nightmare!

Laundry, I probably do 5-9 loads a week!!!!

Everyday pick up of clothes, debris.


Get Kyle’s lunch ready for his 12 hour graveyard shift

reading for myself and my blog

school work, if I’m not in school I am researching schools for my masters degree and planning for the upcoming semester!

groceries (if we need them)

All of our finances, which I have to say I am really impressed with myself because I am beyond on top of all our bills!!!

Workout for 1-3 hours!!!

Dinner for me or if Kyle is off for both of us

and after all that we drive home every weekend at 6:30 a.m to see/help out our family and friends!

Phew, we are a busy couple these days and It is very true that things change when you move away and are married. I have to say though I LOVE being married. Kyle and I have worked so hard for 10 years to get to where we are so being married in my words is “A sleepover everyday!” Its a funny thing how much life flips when you say I Do but I have to say that we earned this! We are a force to be reckoned with and we are still the best team around!


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