Why I love movies and a lesson on them

Hello friends. For those of you who do not know me, or are new to this blog Welcome! My name is Kelsey and I’m a Cinema-holic! I love movies and the art of cinema. Oscar Sunday is basically a holiday for me and I personally own 600 movies!!! Yes, its an addiction but let me explain why…

When I was little, we always had movies on. Of course we had Disney but some of most fond memories are of Star Wars, Rocky, Rambo, The Goonies, Beetlejuice and Little Monsters. Movies provided a sense of calmness to my sister after a diagnosis, so we always had movies playing. I grew up in a house where I could watch basically any movie as long as it wasn’t overly sexual and or gruesome. At 5 my favorites included Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Goonies. Yes, my parents rocked and I was allowed to watch those. I consider myself extremely lucky in that sense and both parents agree that they probably should have had tighter reins but I am so happy that they were so cool! Oscar sunday is like a holiday in my home and I look at all aspects of film not just the quantity but also the nitty gritty quality. I have been called a “snob” or too “judgy” but when you understand movies like I do then why not be right?!?

So first let’s have a little lesson on what things a true critic looks at… here is a list of what The Academy looks at!

  • cinematography: The Art of making a motion picture
  • Screenplay: The Script of a movie,including instructions
  • Adapted Screenplay: Script written from another source
  • Visual Effects: Process by which imagery is created
  • Sound Mixing: The process of the post production stage of a film, in which the recorded collection are combined into one or more channels.
  • Production Design: A person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event.
  • Film Editing: The art and technique of assembling shots into a coherent sequence (big part of the job!)

Then of course you have the producers, the director, and the cast. All of these combined can make a masterpiece or a flop.

Now that you are educated lets talk about my top 10 favorite movies and why!!!!

BJu “I’m the Ghost with the most babe”-Beetlejuice. This is my all time favorite movie! Not only did my favorite director make it, but my favorite actor is the main character! I love everything about this movie including the costume design, the cast and the story! *Fun Fact: Michael Keaton did not have a script for this movie!!!**  What I love most about this movie is it is Traditional Tim Burton. If you compare his films from his early days to now, you will see a very vibrant shift in color and style. This is 100% original Tim Burton genius!

d1f6ba2cacf684068535ae35f547cfc4.jpgUnfaithful lover long since dead, deep asleep in thy wormy bed, wiggle thy toes, open thine eyes, twist thy fingers towards the sky, Life is sweet, be not shy, on thy feet, so sayeth I“-Winnie Sanderson. Oh how I love Hocus Pocus. Many believe that this in not a Disney Movie but if you look at the top of this poster you will see in yellow script that it is! This is a movie that is close to my heart. It came out in 1993, so I was 5 and it is one that I can remember watching and wishing I could be one of the Sanderson sisters. I wanted to have long nails and high boots like Winnie and I wanted to be beautiful like Sarah and funny like Mary. I wanted to fly away on a broom into the cemetery and cast spells on people.

e7e41ea2125225d404a57a18ee2ee1dc “Murder needs no ghost to come from the grave”-Ichabod Crane. This is my second favorite of Tim Burton’s work! This was one of his last dark and more gruesome films. It was such an amazing and bloody spin of the classic tale of the same name. I think this is probably my favorite of Johnny Depp’s roles. I have a love/hate relationship with Johnny. I think he is so talented and he is a chameleon, blending and creating every role he takes, however I do believe that his eccentric personality is just so over the top. He was the perfect choice for Ichabod Crane, and honestly nobody could have tackled the character with such grace. I do also love that we see Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) all grown up and beautiful. She nailed her role as Katrina Van Tassel and she was able to revert back to the time when woman were believed to be property while also being a fierce young woman fighting for love.

24900b903d7643d56e599fdb0583bd88“My only love sprung from my only hate, too early seen unknown and known too late, prodigious birth of love that is to me that I must love a loathed enemy”-Juliet Capulet. This is a movie that I think is purly generational. Leo was a star on the rise and then combining that with fast cars, true love and a gorgeous couple. What 8-year-old girl wasn’t in love right? Not many because 95% of my friends were not allowed to watch it!!!! It’s such an interesting spin of the classic play. Shakespeare was so ahead of his time. Writing a love so real it ends in death, and at such a young age…man what a story! Baz Lurman directed this version and used the songs of Prince to add to the score. It continues to amaze me!

bb61c411a9d6f74c093621d7121ed020Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires. How Avant Garde.”-Louis and Claudia. This is one of the most amazing movies. This is a movie where Vampires don’t sparkle or date naive girls who cannot breathe without them. This is a story of the saddest vampires on earth. Although I am not a fan of the books by Anne Rice, this is a true masterpiece. Brad Pitt did himself good taking the role of Louis. We follow a set of 3 vampires through time who live on blood and fight to stay together. This is also one of Tom Cruise’s best roles. Before he was preaching about scientology and married  Katie Holmes, he made good movies where you enjoyed seeing him! I can honestly say that if you put the 7 Cullens against Louis, Lestat and Claudia, lets just say there would be no Cullens.

90f4464ff88706d12ec63220bc29dad8.jpg“Meow”-Catwoman. When I watch this movie I am transported back to my childhood of lacing a belt through one loop of my jeans and pretending it was my tail/whip just like Catwoman. This is another early works of Tim Burton and probably one of his more dark films. Its amazing. The cast was spot on and the costume design/ makeup was even more wonderful. Who would have thought that they could make Danny DeVito look like that!?!?! Again, Michael Keaton nails his role, and sadly he was sent death threats because people believed he could not portray the dark side of Batman and Bruce Wayne but in my opinion he was the only one who could. Val Kilmer was too pretty, Clooney was a joke and Bale needs to have a cough drop and calm down!

e06fdd517c9736ed4d23044647b88503“Somethin’ awful happened here Ed.”-Lorraine.  Never have I EVER seen a movie that terrified me so much! This is my all time favorite Horror movie. If you want to sleep with your light on for a month and picture the most terrifying witch imaginable then watch this. The special effects used for this movie were on point. Seeing a person be pulled around by their hair by an invisible entity is something that you do not forget. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson were spot on, in their portrayal of the famous Husband and Wife Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and the long awaited The Conjuring 2 is coming out in 2.5 days!

df2e8ce5632552806a6740bffbbfa2ca“Gatsby. What Gatsby?- Daisy. I have been saying since I first saw Leo in Romeo and Juliet that he would go down in history with some of the silver screens most legendary actors and everybody told me I was wrong (except for my mama) well jokes on you! He is AMAZING and continues to astound people with his roles. This has to be, in my opinion the best adaptation of this movie. I can say that after watch the equally amazing and gorgeous Robert Redford as the famous Jay Gatsby. This is another movie by Baz Lurman and he nails it. He brings the 20’s back from the sands of time and presents them the way they should be seen, by us who did not get to live that life. Its bright, loud and in your face. The cast was phenomenal, all of them! The costumes were something to be admired and the story one that will be cherished forever.

6a109e688c341d217449bd9d7e87d97b“I felt it. Perfect. I was Perfect.”-Nina. This is a movie I watch regularly. I am obsessed with it. I have wanted to be a dancer for most of my life so watching these actors who learn ballet and give a convincing perfomance is womderful. Combine that with a girl so in her own head that she is going crazy and a dark storyline. You have a great movie. Natalie Portman, in my opinion gave her most stunning perfomance to date. We see this dedicated yet very naive woman work her way to the lead and literally drive herself crazy doing it. This was also a movie that when I first saw it in the theater, when it ended, I din’t really know how i felt because it didn’t fully understand it. I had to buy it and watch it over and over to see what exactly this dark tale really was. Now its one of my go to’s!

96deeb7db437bd1bb2a965ab2254275b“My name is Benjamin. Benjamin Button and I was born under unusual circumstances. The first World War had ended and I was told it was a particularly good night to be born”-Benjamin. Oh gosh! This movie is one that makes my heart skip a beat. It was a movie that I saw 4 times in the theater and fell in love with Brad Pitt, not only as a gorgeous man but as an actor. I love Cate Blanchett and I love to hate her in some of this movie. I love watching 2 people, the same age, who look very different and are aging extremely different fall in love. This was a movie that found its way into my heart within the first 10 minutes. The cast along with the visual effects of making Pitt look like an old man and the setting in beautiful Lousiana was enough to make anyone fall in love with the film as a whole.

There is my top 10! I hope you enjoyed looking into my cinematic brain 🙂


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