X-men Apocalypse: A Movie Review


Hey friends! So today my husband and I went and saw the long awaited X-men Apocalypse!!! Keep reading to see my full review.

Director: Bryan Singer
Release Date: May 18 2016

This movie takes place 10 years after the Washington D.C incident where the mutants, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Beast (Nick Hoult) were seen by the general population, exposing the mutants and ultimately endangering them. It is now 1983 and a new war is about to begin.
Let’s go back thousands of years. We see a a group of ancient mutants beginning a ritual with the worlds first mutant, Apocalypse. In an effort to keep him alive, Apocalypse bestows great powers to 4 mutants making their powers ten times stronger. Their attempt fails and Apocalypse is lost until 1983…
Enter Professor Charles Xaviers school for the gifted. It’s 1983 and a new group of students have started. A boy with lasers for eyes,(cyclops) and a red-headed telepath (Jean Grey). Raven or Mystique is on the hunt for more mutants when she meets a blue polish boy with the gift of teleportation (nightcrawler).  Magneto, is living a quiet life with his wife and daughter in Poland. Meanwhile, in Cairo Egypt Apocalypse has risen and is looking to find his “four hourseman”. He finds a young woman with weather control, a boy who looks like an angel, a woman who can make a sword from her hand and finally Magneto but he needs a vessel so that his work may be carried out.
With all of these problems, enter colonel  Stryker who kidnaps Mystique, Beast, Quicksilver and Moira, a CIA agent who has been familiar with mutants since the 1960’s. It’s a race against time, and the mutants must take down the Alpha mutant before the world shall cease to exist.

I LOVED this movie. I have loved this entire franchise as a whole and seeing 3 decades of comic book history unfold before my eyes. The cast is absolutely perfect and continue to add so much depth to the characters they play. James McAvoy was the perfect choice to play a young Professor X and having Jennifer Lawrence play his pseudo sister is perfection as well. The dynamic between them is so strong. Introducing new characters is my favorite part! I love seeing the historic aspects of each movie!!
I give this movie an A+. It was so worth the wait and excitement. It’s contender will be the even more long awaited Suicide Squad, August cannot come soon enough!


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