Growing up on the spectrum part 3

Hey friends. Today is the most amazing girl in the worlds birthday. I already did a post on her but I enjoy writing about her and what life is like with her so much, so here is part 3.

Seeing Relationships with her…

I have had so many AMAZING people come into my life who have done nothing but accept her and enjoy being around her. It’s hard to look at your friends lives and see what a typically developing sibling relationship is like because I have never really had that. However Rachel has single handedly found her way into those people hearts. Some of the most special relationships are ones that to this day make me feel so blessed to have these people in her life.

Rachel and Jamie: Jamie is my best and longest friend. I have known her since kindergarten and she has done nothing but selflessly love Rachel the way that I do. Jamie has seen the good and bad. The milestones and meltdowns. To this day when she sees Rachel it is always a pass at me, going in to give Rachel some love. Jamie was there for literally everything in Rachel’s life and I thank God for that because she is a whole new dynamic and very important piece in Rachel’s world. She is another sister to her.

Rachel and Josh: Josh was my best friend who happened to live with us for a year. Josh was very kind to Rachel, always making sure that she was included in everything we did. He took such an interest in her from the beginning and was a brother to her. It was a totally different dynamic than she was used to but she grew to love Josh.

Rachel and Brittany: Brittany was another one of my best friends. We were insperable. I remember the first time she stayed over at my house I mentioned that Rachel was on the spectrum and she just kind of shrugged her shoulders like what I was saying didn’t matter because she had already made her mind up about her. She was instantly kind and treated Rachel as an equal. She didn’t talk to her like she had Autism but like she would talk to me and she took an active interest in getting to know her.

Rachel and Brittney: Brittney is the older sister of my best friend Jamie. She was a year ahead of Jamie and I. This family accepted me as one of their own but they also accepted Rachel. I can remember Rachel coming over one afternoon with me to Jamie’s house and Brittney asked Rachel if she wanted to watch a movie in her room. Britt had a T.V in her room so it was the best room in the house. She walked Rachel in, tucked her in and gave Rachel options as to what she wanted to watch. I never appriciated something so much as this gesture. It almost brings me to tears because she had no hesitation with Brittney, or any of Jamie’s family and knowing that Britt took the time to make her comfortable was a comforting feeling for me and I am forever grateful.

Rachel and Kyle: This relationship is one of Jokes and laughter. When I first got together with Kyle I was unsure of how this relationship would work. I was so in love and wanting to marry this boy (at 18 yes I did!) but because he had no clue of special needs and was not exposed to it, i knew if he did not mesh with Rachel It wouldn’t work. However, it really does work! It took time because he is shy and so is Rachel, but now she is so attentive to him and always aknowlages him as he does for her. There is so much sass between the two of them and I was recently told from a family member that on our step dads birthday, Kyle and I were talking and she tapped them on the shoulder and said “They are so good.” That is huge! She adores her “brother-in-law” Kyle.

Rachel and Ray: My two Ray (e)s. This was probably one of the easiest relationships of the bunch. Rays dad was Rachel’s school bus driver and I had known Ray for a good portion of my life through school. He understood to approach Rachel calmly and warmly. He didn’t push to make her talk he just let her talk to him and responded when it was needed. To this day, I love watching them interact beacuse, he just gets it! He treats her like she was his sister.

Rachel and Sharon: This was also another easy relationship because Sharon’s mom worked in Special Needs and also because she has such a big heart. She always made sure to find Rachel at school or somewhere in my house and say “hey dude” with a big hug. Sharon and I call each other “Mer” (its a LOOONNGG story) and whenever she comes by Rachel yells “Hey Mer!”

Rachel and Ashley: Ashley is such a warm, kind and wise soul. I knew that introducing them was going to be smooth sailing. She was warm in talking to her but did not try and hug her. I appriciated this because hugs can be so intrusive, but she let Rachel get to know her, become comfortable and treated her like a best friend. They are now very close and Rachel always asks “How’s Ash?!?”

Rachel and Michelle: Michelle is Ray’s wife and one of the most wonderful people in my world. When we expalined Rachel to her she nodded her head with a smile and just loved her. I remember Rachel standing around listening to all of us talk and Michelle walked over, put her arm on Rachel’s back and just began to talk to her. She asked her questions about her day, about her life and when Ray and Michelle became engaged she told Rachel that she would now be Auntie Rae.

Rachel and Desi and Robert: This is a very special relationship because these are my God babies and Rachels Niece and Nephew. These children are miraculous and were instantly kind. They talked to her about movies, because they knew how much she and I loved them. They made her laugh and she made them laugh. Rachel has told me how much she loves “those kiddos” and seeing how selfless they are with her is beautiful.

All these relationships have helped shape Rachel. They have made her learn and grow. This was a very emotional post for me because she is so loved by everyone. All of these people have let her into their hearts with no questions. You all will never know what this means to me. Thank you for allowing her to get to know you. To learn how to interact with you and for just being kind. I will never know how to repay any of you for this.


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