These Dreams…

Hi once again readers. I have been so inspired to write today! I think it’s because while my husband is asleep before his shift, which is when I wake up, I am left with so much quiet time to sit and think. I am very anti resolution/bucket list, because there are so many ways that you can be disappointed if you don’t get to do them. I like to think of them as dreams. If I get to live one of my dreams AWESOME! if not, I will always see it when I go to sleep. So here are my dreams…

  • Write a book.
  • Meet one of my favorite celebrities.
  • Get back into dance.
  • Work in a library.
  • Make an art quilt.
  • meet one of my favorite authors.
  • have 2 children, both girls!.
  • learn to cook like my cousin.
  • travel to all 50 states with my husband.
  • do a handstand, yoga style.
  • have a wall full of my mama, and my embroidery.
  • have my own library.
  • have over 1000 movies!
  • Get a tattoo on my arm.
  • Become a professional blogger.

This is literally all I want that is a farther reach. I am a simple girl who has lived an extraordinary life and I still live that life! I am happy being married, working towards what I want, binge watching my favorite shows and blogging for all of you!



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