Planning your wedding: a self help guide

Hello again! I wanted to do a post on something that I think is blown totally out of proportion and that for me was super fun.

December 25 2009 Kyle Proposed to me

March 1st 2016 Kyle gets accepted into school and we have just under 7 months to plan a wedding!!!

For many of you who have planned a wedding, 7 months seems impossible, but it’s not! Here are the necessary steps to planning your dream wedding on a budget and in a short amount of time. *This is not for everyone, because most girls don’t have that small of a time frame but in my situation that’s all I had and thank God I had my mama to keep me in line and on track!*

Step 1- Set the date! Easiest part! and chose your colors and or theme

October 4th 2016!!!

Step 2- Create your First guest list- Your first guest list is just a guideline for when you have to order food, drinks, etc.

Step 3-Order flowers. I am in no way, shape or form a flower kinda girl. However It was one of the keys of beauty in my wedding. I had an early fall wedding and the flowers i wanted were all spring, so I had to adjust and found the Lavendar roses I have only seen in movies. If the flower you want isnt available to you at the time of your wedding, talk to your florist and see what they can get you,that will make you equally as happy.


Step 3- The venue. Most people choose the venue as step 2 but for us, because I have such a huge family, anywhere I chose would essentially work. I am also not picky. I only looked at 2 venues within the budget and chose the one that would be most comfortable for everyone. We chose a newer and local venue that would accomadate as many people as we had while hosting both the ceremony and reception


Step 4- The dress. I think the whole process of buying a wedding dress is crazy. I remember shopping for mine and there were girls there with like 9 friends and traying on dresses that were nowhere near their budget. Its disgusting!! I know that this may come off as bitchy but…YOU WILL ONLY WHERE IT ONCE!!!!!!! There is no reason to try on a $10,000 dollar dress for one day! My dress with my sash and shoes was less than $500 dollars

Step 5- chose your food, photos, music and of course the cake!  I was lucky enough to have some great friends and recommendations for these. We went with a local deli for our food but my uncle, aunt, mama and some really great friends made the hordevours and meat. A local D.J who I saw in action at my cousins wedding, My good friends Kurtis and Annie did the most wonderful pictures and were so fun to work with, and a gal that worked with my mama made our cake which was so yummy and simple!

Kyle had only one big request for the wedding and that was that our hordevours was a nacho bar! I had eating nothing by this point so the nachos were so welcome!
Kurt and Annie.JPG
The amazing Photographers and Long time friends! We adore you Kurtis and Annie!


Step 6-The wedding party. This is yet another thing that I do not understand why so many people have SO many people. I had 2 of my sisters, and Kyle had his brother and best friend. I just cant imagine having more than 2!!! Yes, you may find people who would be upset if you did not ask them to be in your wedding party, but its YOUR day!!!


Step 7- Who will marry you, The Officiant. I was lucky enough and so happy to have my Aunt Laura marry Kyle and I. We were also not wanting a 20-30 minute long ceremony so we told her basically what we want and she timed it, our ceremony was only 5 minutes total!!!

Step 8-Your seating chart and final guest list. I made in total, 7 seating charts and guest lists so that I could have a guideline as to what I was working with!!! It saved the day


Step 9- Hair and make-up. This was a no brainer for me! My beautiful cousin Victoria, with the help of a sweet girl named Maria did my bridal party and my mother in laws hair. It was so fun to spend the morning talking and laughing with all of them. My sister Ashleigh is an esthtition and she did all the make up for all of us. She was so fun to have around and just kept making me laugh.

DSC_6782 edit

Step 10- Have fun!!! I cannot stress this enough. Your wedding is not something that should stress you out. I have talked to so many women who say that things didn’t go right or something didn’t happen. Its only 1 day!!!!! Everyone kept asking me, “are you nervous”? or “How are you so calm”? Here is the answer… its only 1 day! Suck it up and enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am naturally a stress case but my gosh its supossed to be one of the happiest days of your life, why are you in tears over something that could not be helped… We had plenty of things happen at mine and you just deal with it! We had people who were not listed on the seating chart, which was MY fault I forgot like 10 people on the final list and my dress ripped, right in the front! There were other things but you just cant let it get to you!!!


This was the most fun experience for me and sharing it with my mama was the best! Kyle had zero idea what the wedding was going to be like because he was at school 5-6 days a week so when he told me how much he loved it. that meant the world!

I hope that all of you who are planning a wedding, helping plan one or just want some ideas found this useful!



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