Zoolander 2, A movie Review

Hello everyone. Last night my husband and I rented some movies and one of them was the long awaited sequel, Zoolander 2.

Directed by: Ben Stiller

Release Date: February 12 2016

The story is about unintelligent male model Derek Zoolander and his life after his Wife (played by Stillers real wife Christine Taylor) Matilda is killed in a freak accident at the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. Derek is now having to learn to be a dad to their son Derek Jr and after a short few attempts he moves to “deep northern New Jersey” to live in seclusion.

Meanwhile all of the world, a faceless murderer is killing off all of Hollywood’s most beautiful people, and before their demise they take a selfie with a signature Zoolander face. Special Agent Valentina Valencia is on the case and looking to find Zoolander for his help.

If you remember Hansel, he too has a big part in this movie as well. He and Derek lose tought after the freak accident leaves Hansel horribly disfigured (he has a tiny scar on his cheek). In an attempt to help Valentina, Derek and Hansel must put their feelings for angst aside and solve the case.

Another major theme is that Derek Junior was taken to Rome, Italy to an Orphanage/School that is run by another villain we know all too well, Mugatu. Jacoby Mugatu has been locked up in Fashion Prison for his shenanigans in the first film and he is the reason Derek Junior was sent to Rome. He has a huge plan in store and only Derek, Hansel and Valentina can save him!

This movie was…SO TERRIBLE!!!!!!! I love the first movie so much, and so do many others. When the idea of a sequel came about, many were ecstatic as was I. Not only was this movie not funny, but there was only a few of the original jokes. I know that when a new movie is made, then so are new jokes. I also am a fan of flat out dumb humor but this was so dumb by the end of the movie, I sat thinking to myself, I literally just wasted 2 hours of my time to see this! I very rarely dislike a movie so much that I bash on it but my gosh this was a joke! I give it 2 stars because everything about this movie was all wrong. The only thing that gave it the 2 stars was Will Ferrell because Mugatu is what added to this disappointment




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