What I’ve learned from living on my own and marriage

Hey everyone! So it’s super late but I’ve had this post topic in my head all day so I’m going to talk about it now.
You know when you’re a kid and you think about how cool it will be to live on your own… why are we not prepared for what it’s like? Now don’t get me wrong, my husband and I are part of the small group who had parents who made us do everything for ourselves and thank goodness for them… but when I’ve heard younger generations talk about what it’s gonna be like and how perfect it will be I’m like… are you crazy????, so here is what living on your own and marriage have taught me so far…

~being married is the best thing ever, well at least for me. Since Kyle and i were together sooooooooooooooooooo long it was finally our time and let me tell you I love being married!!!!
~not only do I have my room to clean but an entire house!!! Now I knew this was going to happen, however how does it get trashed within hours of being cleaned!?!?
~bills are what you make them. Yes bills suck but if you want to have hot water, power etc you have to pay them. I hate writing out the checks but I would rather live comfortably.
~sleeping in becomes habit quick! Since we don’t have kids I could probably sleep till noon everyday, however that is not productive and I won’t let myself, but it could happen.
~being lazy can happen. I am a firm believer that you need some days to be lazy. Read a whole book, eat junk food or watch a ton of movies, however I was taught that if I didn’t have to work I had to remain productive. So as a stay at home wife I take care of all our finances, the house, my husband, I am finally a full time student, blogger, jogger, and yogi in training!!!
~it can be a bit lonely. Because my husband works full time and we moved away to a new town I have none of my close friends here. However, I was raised to be completely independent and when I get bored or lonely I redirect my attention to something else. It’s only temporary where we are!

Those are the main points I’ve learned so far. What I need to remember for myself is that I am only 1 person. I have noticed that the last month and now all of June is so packed full of stuff it’s easy to become discouraged but all I can control are my reactions to each situation. Marriage and moving out has taught me so much about me. I was very well prepared for the normal stuff like bills, grocery shopping, and money thanks to my mama. I learned a new kind of independence that my peers will probably never understand as they are not and probably will not be in my same situation. I have learned that I am beyond brave and pretty damn tough. I have learned a pride that I will gladly talk to anyone about!


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