Through the Looking Glass: A Movie Review

Through the Looking Glass

Directed by: James Bobbin

Release Date: May 27th 2016

Produced by: Tim Burton

Hey friends! Hope all of you are enjoying your first day of June, and In my opinion the first day of summer!!! I have been longing for summer since we moved in October. Last night, while I was hanging out with my sister Rachel, we decided to go and see Through the Looking Glass.  Now when I first saw Alice in Wonderland, I was disappointed. I thought that the cast, while amazing, the overall film fell short. It took me watching it a few times to come to appreciate it.

The story begins with Capitan Alice Kingsleigh making her voyage on her father’s ship The Wonder home from China. Upon arrival she must revisit the newly married, Hamish (the guy she denies in the first movie) because he holds the deed to her ship and come to find out her home. In anger she is visited by a familiar blue butterfly who leads her through the looking glass and back to underland. Here is where the story starts. Alice is told by her friends The White Queen, The White Rabbit etc that Hatter has gone mad. He was mad to begin with so this was weird to hear. Hatter finds the very first hat he made, that he gave to his father Mr. Hightop. Now if you recall from the first movie we find out that Hatters family is killed by the Jabberwocky. Hatter believes that since he found his first hat that his family must be alive and he asks Alice to believe him as nobody does and when she is reluctant he switches to his darker Scottish alter ego and in anger throws her out of his house.

Alice finds out that she can visit Time, itself (played by Sasha Baren Cohen) to retrieve the Chronosphere which will send her back in time and help his family. However if the chronosphere is taken, Time himself and itself will stop and essentially die. Alice, being the hard headed girl she is uses it and goes back to a time when The Read Queen and The White Queen were teenagers and being crowned. Hatters father designed the crowns and you know the size of The Red Queens head, her crown breaks and her famous “off with their heads” comes out for the first time. Seeing that she is unfit to rule Her father the King proclaims that The White Queen will reign after his demise. This turns sister against sister and a secret that we do not know about is brought up. Something happened between the queens when they were just girls. Hatter, being mad begins laughing at The Red Queen and the size of her head and we find out that Hatter is not the son his father wanted and we see son against father. In disappointment Hatter leaves…

Alice, being followed by Time, goes back even farther to when hatter and both queens are no more than 10 years old. Hatter, made his first tiny hat to give to his father and brings Alice to meet Mr. Hightop. When hatters fathers ruins the hat that hatter made for him and throws it away, we see the strained relationship between father and son. Now lets head to the kingdom. A young Iracebeth (red queen) and Mirana (white queen) are fighting over the famous Tarts we hear about in the books and movies. After their mother banishes them from the kitchen, Mirana steals the last tart and eats it in haste by Iracebeth’s bed, spilling crusts all over the floor and sweeping them under the bed. When their mother finds out she asks both girls who ate them and Mirana lies getting Iracebeth in trouble making her storm out of the castle into the town square where an injury happens causing The Red Queens Head to swell!

So without giving anymore away Alice has to keep the chronosphere from The Red Queen and Time, find Hatters Family and save underland once again… But does she?…

Okay so in my opinion I give this movie a C+. I Love the cast and each character has so much to offer, while remaining true to themselves and the characters they are playing. I love the comedic effects that are thrown in at random and I love the costume design. I think that all of those are on point and get an A… Throughout the movie it kept reminding me of the 1985 sequel Return to Oz, by Walter Murch. If you have seen that and you watch Through the Looking Glass you will see what I am talking about. It had a spooky spin. I LOVE when a movie and or a book starts tying things together so for me, the historic value of this movie was much appreciated.

Now for the cons. I think that this movie took the Iconic character of the Mad Hatter and made him look weak. When we first saw Depp with the almost fire like red hair and the shift in personality when he was happy or sad, it made us see a new side of The Mad Hatter, one that would go down in history. In this movie, he is emotional, and we don’t really get to see any sort of shift between his emotions, which in my opinion was what helped shape his character. Time I though was also a very weak character. Every Alice movie has a Villain and he was half of the duo, but in actuality he wasnt villainous enough. The Red Queen, who we are taught to loathe if not fear was also weak in this sequel. Granted we see why she is evil and bitter and it stems from childhood but she was so much more bad ass in the first movie. Alice was, as always, strong and kind so we had that to redeem the overall essence of the movie.  The story was also, in my opinion extremely random. It was somewhat futuristic while blending the current time of the movie, and had a little bit of a steampunk vibe, which I also am not fond of.

I think that with time I could come to appreciate this movie more and more as times goes on, but for now I give it a C+..alice-through-looking-glass_nws8.jpg


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