A ten year change.

Hi everyone! Today I am sitting in my living room while my husband takes a nap after his long graveyard shift and I was so uninspired to write, however I thought of a fun topic. I am going to compare me in high school to me now… This is going to hilarious!

That is me, ten years ago! I was a cocky high school girl who believed she was invincible. At 17 I believed that…

  • Kyle and I would get married right out of high school.
  • I would go to beauty school and be a natural, then go to L.A and do hair and makeup on movie sets.
  • I wanted 8 kids
  • I believed Kyle and I would be together forever
  • I wanted to write a book
  • I thought I would move out at 18 and begin my adult life.
  • I wanted to only have boys when I became a mom.
  • I wanted to have all my babies by the time I was 25.
  • I loved working retail especially when I got to work with my best friend Jamie.

Now at 27…

  • Kyle and I are married but it took us 9 years to get financially set up and be comfortable.
  • I dropped out of beauty school, because I hated it. It was the biggest waste of my time and money.
  • I only want 2 kids!
  • Kyle and I are 10 years strong!!! and taking life, marriage and each day a step at a time.
  • I still want to write a book, I am unsure as to what I will write about.
  • I didn’t start my adult life at 18, I went to and dropped out of beauty school, I started taking my general education at Sierra College, now I am working towards a MAsters in Library Science! Kyle and I did not move out until we were 26 and 27 because we did not want to be a couple struggling to pay the bills. I didnt get married until I was 26.
  • I only want Girls!!
  • I am 27 and still no children and that’s okay!!!! I will become a mom and start a family when I feel the time is right! Thats not to say I don’t want them, I just want to be married a bit longer before I decide to have babies.
  • I HATE RETAIL!!!  Although I made some great friends at my job, I cannot stand to work retail anymore. I think the only way I would get behind another register is if I owned a bookstore and even that makes me cringe a little. Working with Jamie was great! When we both worked at the registers we called it Best Friend Work day, and we would laugh and laugh!

Things have changed, But I love who I am! There will always be things that I don’t like about myself (I’m a cynic, I’m a bit of a lazy bones) however that’s what growing up is. I am dedicated student, a wife, a girl who loves to read, a girl who obsesses over movies, an up and coming yogi and now a girl who lives to run and I like it that way. I am an open book, and what you see is what you get! I hope that all of you who are reading can look at your life the past 10 years and be as happy as I am. I will be happy to go to my high school reunion and be able to walk in with my head high, knowing that although I did things very different from my peers, that it worked out in my favor and I love who I turned out to be.


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