Tattoos I have and will have!!

Hey readers, so I LOVE tattoos. I love making an appointment. I love the sound of the Tattoo gun and the smell of the antibacterial soap. I love the whole experience! I have 7 of my own but only have pictures of a few of them. I also have a bunch that I want to get done so here is what I have and what I want…

No Regrets Just Love I got this when I was at a lower point in my life. If you read the post about positivity, I got this done right in the middle of that time. I am obsessed with Katy Perry and while I was watching her movie Part of Me and listened to her sing Teenage Dream, I knew I needed to have this message tattooed on me. It’s a great practice that I put into place to this day. Kyle and I both want to live our lives with no regrets, and taking all the bullshit out and just loving our lives!

This is my latest and greatest! Growing up I always loved the big rose tattoo my dad has on his arm and I have always wanted a rose, but let’s be honest everyone has a rose so I decided to make it my own and make it look like it was made from pages of books. I have quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird,  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,  The Mortal Instruments City of Glass,  James and the Giant Peach and Matilda!  It is the newest love of my life! What I love most about it is that when people see it they always say “That is so you”

Rose tattoo

This one is fairly new too! It’s on my back and looks crooked from how I had to hold up my shirt but this is a very personal one. The quote She dreams in plots and chapters was a quote that was made up about me by a wonderful lady I used to work with. She came into work one day with a bag of handmade treats for me. She said that while she was working on the projects she kept thinking about me and so she coined this quote. I told her one day i would have it tattooed on me for life. She didn’t believe me, until I got it done and her response was “IM PUBLISHED” The creepy cute girl is a version of something I found online and everyone says its me!


I know that this one is hard to read but it says “With brave wings she flies” I got this because my mama, my whole life has told me I was the bravest girl she knew, coming from a U.S Army and National Guard Veteran, A prison guard, a grenade expert, a single mom and a rock of a woman, that means a lot so why not put it in black and white right?


I also have a butterfly and flowers with my sister Rachel’s name. A heart on my lower back that my best friend Raymond did!

Now here are the hopefuls 🙂


I don’t want this particular picture however I told my husband that after we have kids I am getting a Beetlejuice themed tattoo as a reward 🙂 He laughed at my verbage but he always says he doesn’t care what I get as long as I love it!

Photo found via Pinterest, Not my tattoo

My Gypsy obsession has become bad! I want my own gypsy super bad but I want to commemorate Stevie Nicks, the original witchy gypsy. I would love to have it look somewhat like her, with a white-winged dove, a tambourine and big flowers like peonies all done in black and grey except for the flowers! and maybe the quote “She rings like a bell through the night and wouldn’t you love to love her”

Photos found via pinterest!

I found this via Pinterest and I have been wanting a skull. It all goes back to my dad and his skull he has, but my husband has a skull and roses tattoo and I love it. what I love about this piece is that it is very romantic. The framing of the skull and the rosary beads gives it a very feminine quality.

I also found this via pinterest and my best friend of  years Jamie and I are planning on the spellbook of Winifred Sanderson. She is designing it because we want it to have a personal flare to it and I want to add the Black Flame candle to the mix as well.Spellbook.jpg

This will be my next one! Pansy is my favorite flower and they remind me of my mom so I will get one for her, my sister and I in various colors!!!


that’s all for now! Stay tuned for more fun!


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