Hey friends! Today I wanted to share a little bit more about getting healthy and the journey I am on! So recently I have upped my running and my strength training but I have not lost anymore weight. This is because I have reached my plateau. During a weight loss and fitness journey once you find something your comfortable with and continue to do it, your body becomes accustomed to it and it holds on to more stubborn fat. The idea is to trick your body! Mix up your routine. My God-daughter Desi is a fitness junkie and she gave me some amazing tips and I will share them with you! As well as what I have learned so far.

Step 1: Its a marathon not a sprint. Although I HATE this quote it is very much true. I thought if I started running the weight would just melt off… Not the case and I have had to change my eating habits and add to my routine.

step 2: eat good food. I am a sucker for a good cheeseburger and I love ice cream. You cant live on these unless you want to put your health in danger. I used to eat anything I wanted and now when I eat bad I feel guilty… I never thought I would be able to say that. everyday I have my coffee, a meal replacement shake, my lunch which is usually string cheese and or veggies and my dinner which as of lately has been steamed veggies and brown rice. here are some other ideas Desi gave me…

Step 3: Just do it. I used to dread my run in the mornings. I would sit there with my coffee and make up reasons in my head as to why I couldn’t run and then try and give myself validation for it. I finally realized if I want this as bad as I think I do, then just do it. Get off your ass and so something.

Step 4: pick fun routines. I know that for some of you that may sound stupid, but your body knows and preps itself for the same routine everyday. Play a trick on it and chose something different!

Well those are all the tips I have for right now. Check back for more on this journey. I have to go and run now 🙂



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