How life has changed

Hello again on this sunny thursday morning! I wanted to share with you what the life of a full-time student/housewife is like. I have had to work hard my whole life and that is all because my mama knew it would benefit me later in life. She was right! I am extremely independent. I very rarely ask for help because I don’t need it! Thank God she raised me well and made me get my shit taken care of when it was supposed to be done! It’s because of that, that I am taking my new life in stride. I have always had a job even if I wasnt paid for it, I have a huge family so babysitting was always there and when I was old enough to find a job I had one. I worked retail for 10 years and tutored for almost a year and worked with special needs (not including my sister) since I was a kid. I am very strong and independent and I realize that I am brave. I have had to make school second priority to work to keep my medical benefits. All of this has changed!

Now at 27 I am able to focus solely on school. I am a full-time student. A full time housewife. Being a housewife is quite different in the best kind of way. I clean everyday. That is not an exaggeration, this house never stays clean. I cook, I bake and I mend Kyle’s uniform. I am really fortunate to be able to live this way and to have my chance to finish school! I just got my final grades in my English and Career Planning classes and I passed both with flying colors! To be able to get all my homework done within the first couple days of the week is wonderful and finals were a breeze.

I have worked very hard the last 10 years with my husband. He finished his school and now has the career he loves. I am working on finishing my degrees (I need my masters) and I love this life!!!


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