5 people….

Okay Friends, I found a blog Idea that made me so excited!

In a fantasy world, forget about spouses and loves, if you could fall in love with a movie or t.v character, name 5 you would choose. Not the actors but the movie characters.

So Challenge Accepted! Here we go!

So First off I chose Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki in Prisoners. I LOVE his character. You can tell he is a good man, who wasnt so much of a good boy growing up but he cleaned up and became a successful detective who solves all his cases. His character is so powerful without overshadowing the grieving families that lose their children. He is amazing!

Next is Logan Lerman as Norman Ellison in Fury. I loved the dynamic he brought to this movie. Fury is a WWII movie about a tank full of soldiers who are led by War Daddy (brad Pitt). They are crass, dirty, and emotionally exhausted. Norman is a kid who enlisted to be a typist and was thrown onto the front lines in the tank called Fury. He is young, and afraid and you know he joined because he believed it was the right thing to do not thinking he would be stationed over in Germany. I love how naive he is. He has no idea what exactly lies on those front lines and we see a boy become a man in a matter of 3 hours!


Third is Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. Oh…My…Gosh. There is no man more perfect than Mr.Gatsby. I wanted to be Daisy, but instead of staying with Tom, I would Leave Tom for Gatsby. He is the most committed man in all of literature. The quote above “Gatsby looked at Daisy the way every young girl wanted to be looked at” and let’s be honest, if Leo looked at me like that, I would positively pass out, or throw up and then he would probably leave but its Leo!!!!

Next I chose James McAvoy as Tom LeFroy in Becoming Jane. Never have I ever watched a man who was so cocky and so coy be so attractive! He knows he’s cute and he can get what he wants with the right look but Jane does not buckle under pressure. I could not have that kind of willpower!

and last but not least I chose Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror. Can we just take a second and look at this gorgeous specimen?… I know you’re probably thinking why would I want to fall in love with a man possessed but he isn’t possessed through the whole movie, he just happens to be really hot while he is possessed, am I right??? Those brown eyes are enough to make any girl swoon.

I hope those of you that checked this out had a good laugh. I really liked this theme and had some much fun and such a hard time choosing! More fun like this to continue!


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