May 13 2016 “Team”

Hi Everyone and happy Friday!!! So today’s theme was Team. I couldn’t think of a cooler team than my husband and I! So let’s have a little history lesson.

I first met Kyle 8th grade year in English class. Come to find out as well our parents grew up together (smallest town ever!) Once we graduated junior high, he moved and I didn’t see him until mid to end of freshman year when I was a Jocks girlfriend and he had begun a relationship with a girl who i grew to call my friend :). It wasnt until the summer before senior year that we became us. As of July 26 2006 he and I have been a team, a dynamic duo! It is going on 10 years later and we are married, he is working at the job of his dreams and I am a full-time student working on getting my degree! I think that the one thing that made Kyle and I the best couple around is that we have grown up together. We started at 17 and we are now 27! We have seen happiness, heartache and have worked so hard for what we have. I really do not know of any couple who has been set back so much and still come out on top! It’s hard to believe we will have been together for 10 years in a few short months and married 1 year in the fall. He is my other half. It’s funny because they say opposites attract, well whoever thought that up hadn’t met Kyle and I. We are so far opposite I don’t know how it works?!?! He is the coolest teammate i could have asked for. He is funny, sweet and so laid back. Its hard to match up a couple to us (tooting our own horn, but why not we earned it!!!) If I’m being honest, I love to think back to all the times people said it wouldn’t last and a song lyric comes to mind

“let em wonder how we got this far, cuz I don’t really need to wonder at all, after all this time, I’m still into you”-Paramore

We have worked really hard for what we have and we continue to work hard for our future. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and Husband!!


7 thoughts on “May 13 2016 “Team”

      1. You might. It’s bad because I get sassy with alot of other couples. I’m like yea beat ten years!! Many cannot and it’s a cool feeling to be able to say I’m only 27 and have been in a 10 year relationship

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