May 12 2016 “Journey”


Hey Everyone. Today I decided to share the current journey I am on. My entire life I was never the kid to play outside, unless I could dance 🙂 I love to dance! I hated P.E especially when we had to run the mile. I remember when our teachers would say to us, “make sure you dress down because you are running the mile tomorrow.” That was the worst thing I heard all year. Now, today at 27 I have really changed. I am by nature fearful of a lot. Nothing scares me more than the idea of becoming extremely overweight and dealing with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Sadly heart disease is very real in my family but I plan on changing that for myself. I have always believed I was invincible but after numerous kidney stones and gaining alot of weight the last 5 years I have decided I want to be as healthy as possible! So… I am on a fitness journey!! I am a soda junkie!! It’s a real thing, i promise. My drink of choice Dr.Pepper. Now every once and again, like right now I will treat myself to a cold one. However I have taken out ALOT of the crap I used to eat. Cheeseburgers and Mac n Cheese are my favorite foods, and when I wanted a snack I would look for chips or again, more crap! Today I am now eating LOTS of veggies, making myself smoothies, salads with no cream dressings, brown rice and broccoli, grilled chicken and tuna. This was a very hard change for me. I have a hard time eating chicken and fish so I have had to train myself to not only eat it but to enjoy it. I have tripled my water intake, not only for the diet but to keep my kidneys happy. I have begun taking supplements that I LOVE! I take Fish Oil, Folic Acid, probiotic and Vitamins. I am loving they way I feel!

One of the biggest hurdles of this journey was the exercise portion. I love to dance but I like being in a studio environment and sadly we have no dance studio where I live 😦 So I took it upon myself to begin running. It started with only 10 minute intervals, which I worked up to 30 minutes and I was averaging an 8 minute mile! Now I am averaging a 10:30 mile but i am running up to 4.25 miles!!!!!! I am excited to push it up to 5 miles! I have began doing yoga, again no studio so I am not as into it.

This is still a process for me and I am still pretty far from my goal weight, but its a work in progress and I am already 10 times happier and healthier at 27 than I was at 15!


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