Hey Again Friends. The blog bug has bit me today! Yesterday I did a post on the fitness journey today I am sharing my goals! To most of you this is a bunch of half-naked women. To me its a state of mind. These women are built, beautiful and successful. What more could a girl want right? I use these pictures to remind myself to work out, keep my head high and keep working on myself 🙂

My whole life I have been a bigger girl and it’s always bothered me but it was something that I never let the insecurity show. I was teased relentlessly. I remember running on the playground and a group of boys called me Godzilla. It hurt but I kicked sand in their faces and got talked to by the recess aid. In 6th grade I was at my chubby awkward phase, where i was squishy all over. I wore a shirt that said babe and some asshole, who shall remain nameless laughed in my face and said “you wish!!”

I have been told my whole life that because I am short I have to stay thin by a handful of people. Thankfully I had a mama who told me to be me whether I was skinny or chubby, as long as I was healthy and happy! I lived by this for a long time. Then the weight started to pack on. I was depressed and my anxiety had gone through the roof. I was heavy and unhappy. It lasted for years and has just started to change. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I began caring about myself in November. I realized that I was not healthy even though I was happy. This had to change. I stated my cardio and built that up. For stress relief I began doing yoga and I am very impressed at how flexible i have become in the 2 short months. I watch what I eat (but i cant say no to Ice Cream) I began selling Health and Wellness products with a rad company and I am still a work in progress.

I have worked very hard the last 7 months and there are still days when I wake up and dread my run. I make myself get up, regardless of how tired or sore i am and I run. It feels amazing even when I am so exhausted I can’t imagine staying awake the rest of my day! I am learning that I can push myself that extra mile literally and i can stretch this way just push a little further.

If you’re feeling down about yourself. Just know that you are beautiful the way you are. People will always try to make you feel less than you are. Ignore it! You are fabulous! Work hard, be healthy, and enjoy everyday because life is TOO DAMN SHORT!



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